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Thread: Franklin

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    Franklin shot a park ranger with a pellet gun when he was a kid Lobes.
    Oh, OK. Thanks, Fluff. Good Lord, I thought he was some "America's Most Wanted" refugee or something for a second...

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    Physically I was struck by the size of Franklin's hands; kinda scarey, actually. Personality-wise I was impressed Franklin gave his choice of music as Classical, because it showed he is real rather than trying to impress James. Franklin looks gay, but I'm not so sure. We'll see

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    Play Doh Rocks
    I think I rather like him. I assumed he's gay, but I'd need more to go on for this one.

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    hes a cutie

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    Franklin...Talk about Douche Bags

    A good friend of mine recently called me and in a fit of hysteria informed me as to one of the characters on Bravo's new dating show. She then informed me that "Franklin" was the ambiguous wine steward in question. It so happens that Franklin AKA Shady John, was an old friend of mine and we lived together a few years ago. We both went to Marquette in Milwaukee and ended up going on spring break together. Thus I am unfortunately but intimately aware of our favorite sommelier. And just how art imitates life or in this case reality TV imitates life, Franklin/John's orientation was just as ambiguous then as it is now. However, among the myriad stories of exaggerated heterosexual conquest was always a certain air of uncertainty as to which team Shady John actually played for. Well dressed and finicky about his looks, (especially his self proclaimed sexiest attribute) John had a few girlfriends which many of us believed to be merely marriages of convenience to mask his otherwise underground penchant for those with a x and y chromosome. Well I'll chat with you all later. Until the next edition of Boy Meets Boy, Ciao.
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    Mr. Obvious
    ^ - Really, Braniganlee? Interesting.

    Thanks for that bit of info.

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    As I have said, I think Franklin looks cute in the glasses. I hating waiting to see who's straight and who's gay.


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    What was that comment last night during the little private chat about James having a "masculine jaw" and "feminine eyes"? No gay guy I know says things like that. And then there were the references to people that he's had feelings for in the past but with no sure fix on that persons gender. Were they coached to be as ambiguous as possible to keep the audience wondering?

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    Mr. Obvious
    He stuttered during his one-one-one with James a bit. Maybe he was nervous, or couldn't get out a certain speech with total confidence because he was trying hard to be gay?

    I have to watch more.

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    I thought the one on one seemed a bit odd.... he just seemed to fumble through the entire thing... I couldn't really tell if he was just nervous, or if he was straight and trying not to mess up... final verdict IMO ... he's straight
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