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Thread: Darren

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    Foggy Doggy
    Quote Originally Posted by jsciv
    That's probably because it's usually only done when both guys feel safe doing it, which is (sadly) not usually around other people. I could go off on a long rant here about that, but the short version is that a lot of us still feel that showing affection in public will offend our friends and incite people who hate us.

    What a downer I am.....

    -- Joe
    Exactly...I refrain from PDA's as well because of that, and I live near one of the most "gay friendly" cities in the world, Ft Lauderdale (which is estimated to have over 25% of it's metro area gay men.....about 350,000).

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    Darren is hot

    I am glad that James did not choose Darren. He deserve a better guy who won't break his heart...well I am here for you...you are my favorite and you are sooooo hot!

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