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Thread: Dan

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    Have anyone changed any negative feelings towards Dan after he expressed how he had a change of heart?

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    Mr. Obvious
    Quote Originally Posted by Max Smart
    Has anyone seen Dan and his mother on SoapTalk with the Pet Psychic? Talk about extending your 15 minutes of fame.

    To be nice, his dog does miss him. LOL.
    ... SoapTalk is a channel, right? I don't think I have it.

    What did Dan and his mom do?

    Oh, and speaking of soaps, Dan appeared on "All My Children". It's not on his website's resume, though.

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    I don't know suds about soap talk, but on the Animal Planet network, they carry the Pet Psychic. I haven't seen it, but I have seen the comercials.

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    Fell in love with a boy.. realitynut95's Avatar
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    Aug 2003
    is it just me or does dan look like paul walker in this picture?

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    Mr. Obvious

    I was thinking the EXACT same thing when I saw that picture, LOL.

    IMO, Dan looks like a cross between Matthew McConaughey, Ian Tracey and Paul Walker.

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    Here is a listing of the radio shows Dan is doing today (taken from his website):
    (Pacific time)

    6:00 AM – live WZEE-FM, Madison, WI
    Nick Ring
    Website: www.z104fm.com

    6:10 AM – live WLDI, West Palm Beach, FL
    “Kevin & Virginia” - (Kevin Rolston)
    Website: www.wild955.com

    6:20 AM – live WGRF, Buffalo, NY
    “Larry Norton” – (Russ Burton)
    Website: www.97rock.com

    6:30 AM – live WNNX 99X, Atlanta, GA/Syndicated
    Jimmy Barron
    Website: www.99x.com

    6:40 AM – live WKTU, New York City, NY
    “Baltazar & Goumba Johnny” – (Mike Opelka)
    Website: www.ktu.com

    6:50 AM – live WKXJ/KISS FM, Chattanooga, TN
    “Troy Shannon Mornings” – (Troy Shannon)
    Website: www.wkxj.com

    7:00 AM – live KFMB/Star 100.7, San Diego, CA
    “Jeff & Jer Showgram” – (Tommy Sablan)
    Website: www.histar.com

    7:10 AM – live WKRQ, Cincinnati, OH
    Brian Douglas – (Leslie Kilver)
    Website: www.wkrq.com

    7:20 AM – live WSPK/WXPK, Poughkeepsie & NY mkts.
    Lynn Kelly
    Website: www.k104k107.com

    7:30 AM – live KDKA, Pittsburgh, PA
    “Mike Pintek Show” – (Jason Kaufman)
    Website: www.dkdaradio.com

    7:40 AM – live WBZA, Rochester, NY/Nationally Syndicated
    “The Breakfast Buzz” – (Barry Beck)
    Website: www.rochesterbuzz.com

    7:50 AM – live KLAQ, El Paso, TX
    Teresa Provencio
    Website: www.klaq.com

    8:00 AM – live KJYO, Oklahoma City, OK
    “Dan & TJ” – (TJ Brown)
    Website: www.kj103fm.com

    8:10 AM – live KMXP, Phoenix, AZ
    “Chris Parker in the Morning” – (Jill Hawkins)
    Website: www.mix969.com

    8:20 AM – live KSFN, Las Vegas, NV
    “The Johnson and Tofte Show” - (Jim Tofte)
    Website: www.johnsonandtofte.com

    8:30 AM – live KBKS, Seattle, WA
    “Jackie & Bender” - (Bender)
    Website: www.kiss1061.com

    8:50 AM – live WTPT, Greenville, SC
    “The Rise Guys Morning Show” - (Matt Harris)
    Website: www.wtpt.com

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    Mr. Obvious
    I'm trying to find any live stream links on any of the sites. I found one on the wild995, but the darn thing is not working.


    Oh, 99x has a working one! I'm listening now.

    Dan comes on in about 15 minutes.
    Last edited by Mr. Obvious; 08-19-2003 at 09:16 AM.

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    Mr. Obvious
    There are tons of radio ads... it's driving me crazy.

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    Thanks Real Deal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Obvious
    There are tons of radio ads... it's driving me crazy.
    Hey where is he? :mad:
    Too much chatter!

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