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Thread: Dan

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    Hmm I wonder if George's pants got to be like that because of lotsa rubbing happening back there (with another person lol)

    Im gonna cream next week, when I see that scene of Dan in the shower talking to Brian *droooools* Yes, Brian go in with him! you know you want to

    *First post*, just joined today, friend told me about these boards and i was like Finally! I was looking for a Boy meets Boy messageboard! and here it is

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    Mr. Obvious

    I post on these boards and the BMB boards at "Television Without Pity" (Marc from Boy Meets Boy posts there too!).

    I think I've recently just caught a new promo ad for Boy Meets Boy:

    I only caught a glimpse of it, because my back was turned to the TV, but I think I saw a nervous Dan walking back and forth in a room, looking very concerned or something.

    Has anyone seen it?

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    I dunno, I guess I just feel differently about it, and imagine that James probably feels the same way I do... There are certain things that are just unacceptable to do while you are on a date with someone, whether you are on a reality show or not, imagine *YOU* were on a date with a guy, and he started doing that with the dance instructor.. *shrugs* Oh well, we agree to disagree... If I had been teh volunteer to dance with the instructor, I certainly would not have allowed him to gyrate and feel up on my thighs, with my date RIGHT there...
    "It's still cool to be sane. You're just supposed to be sane and medicated ." - Article from the New York Magazine

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    Mr. Obvious
    Certainly, Dan didn't really know what kind of dance he was getting into? All I remember Jorge saying is that he needed a shorter partner. He couldn't have possibly told Jorge to stop because he didn't want to seem suspicious or anything. I dunno.

    Also, I just saw the new promo ad!!!

    Andra confronts Brian H. about something. She said, EXACTLY to him, "You and I have conflicting stories."

    Oooh. And Dan was standing next to Brian H. when Andra said that. (Oooh. X 2)

    And the guys were pouring water all over Dan's head and chest! Hehe.

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    Mr. Obvious
    And I happened to watch the Ad again during the commercial break. Apparently Dan looks stressed out about something, because he put both palms of his hands on the back of his head, mosty likely while venting frustration. I wonder what the problem could be.
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    James' choices

    Quote Originally Posted by Foggy Doggy
    My whole outlook on this show has changed....I was soooooo looking forward to it, but the more I read about Dan, the more I think I'll just not go back to watching it.

    It's obvious that if they told James that one of the final 3 is straight, that one got through. I am thinking the final 3 are Wes, Dan and possibly Franklin. Could be that all 3 are straight. What a shame, and how disappointing.
    When JAMES was meeting the guyz for the 1st time and he saw MICHEAL
    with his shirt open, James goes, ["oh no, not one of those kinds of guys,
    I'm hotter than he is."] Michael has turned out to be one the men James
    likes, and he made major brownie points by buying Andra a gift when
    7 of them were all out shopping for a gift for James. Point is, James
    judged someone in a bitchy little judgment call, he's going for someone
    who has a lot of charisma over substance (DAN), and last but not least
    there is a lot of "internalized homophobia" in the gay community. What
    really turns on a lot of gay men on is a straight man, and this may be the
    ultimate message of this little reality show. KEN

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    Mr. Obvious
    Well, gay men are attracted to men. Any man, gay or straight.

    At least that's what the producer said. He says the point of the show is to test a social experiment and break stereotypes.


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    Mr. Obvious

    Dan 2

    Dan has a website, FYI. A few pics.

    Here's a scary pic of Dan:

    ... now here's a sexier pic:

    My fav.:

    Dan looks a bit skinnier in these pics. They were probably taken in 2002 or something.
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    Foggy Doggy
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Obvious
    Well, gay men are attracted to men. Any man, gay or straight.

    At least that's what the producer said. He says the point of the show is to test a social experiment and break stereotypes.

    I will agree to a point. I am a gay man, and if I meet a guy I might have an initial attraction because of looks, but once I KNOW he's straight, all that goes away and then I can just become a friend, because I know there is no chance for a romantic relationship.

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    Btw, early press reports said that 5 guys on the show were straight. If this is true , 3 of them have been revealed , leaving just 2.

    Just also want to comment on t he topic of aspiring actors and models appearing on these shows for ulterior motives which was mentioned on this thread and others. On 20-20 the other nite, a casting director for reality sh ows including the Bachelor and Meet My Folks admitted that most of the people who try out for these shows are indeed models and aspiring actors wanting to get on TV and hoping that they will have the look to get them disovered. Number 1 - they have the good looks that casting people look for - viewers want to see good looking folks... 2- They know how to play to the camera - They understand that t his is not reality, but it is a TV show and know what they have to do to create excitement, energy, conflict etc to make it a 'good show' and to get their fair share of camera time. 3- these are the people that due to their careers (and lack of success) have the time to take months off work to appear on a reality show. How many of you could take 3 months off your job? Not many

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