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Thread: Dan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Obvious
    Andra is married, and a mother, so she can't 'love' James. They're best friends.

    *100th post, w00t!
    oops, I missed that. I thought she was a little jealous she didn't get to
    go to the ho-down, but I may have been reading something into it. I
    do hope she's not in love with James, because that would be tragic.

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    [QUOTE=TheRealDeal.... or should he have just stood there stiff as a board? How dull is that. ...[/QUOTE]
    Uh, stiff as a board isn't too bad. (sorry)

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    Mr. Obvious
    Okay, I'll admit, I like Dan for his looks, but don't you all think his answers are all a little too... Beauty-pageant-style? I mean, c'mon, REALLY cheesy...

    He's still nice, esp. after that email I sent him and his reply, but after reading a few other message boards and they're comments on Dan on the show, they HATE him. Hehe.

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    Mr. Obvious
    To show how much hatred he's getting, here is one REALLY angry rant I read at the "Television Without Pity" forums:
    ______________________________ _____________

    I HATE Dan.

    long rant to follow...

    He is a toolish, shallow, irritating, insipid, trite, stupid degenerate waste of cellular matter. His constant references to just how damn hot he thinks he is only make me want to introduce him to bondage and S&M in the worst way. If he uses the word "connection" one more time, I swear, I shall fly out to where he is and flog him with a cat-o-nine tails. With glass shards embedded.

    And he had the ****ing nerve to say he's in an "open relationship"? Translation: I'm a whore, but I'm stupid enough to try to fool people into being my "boyfriend" because I think that's what will get them into bed. Because I'm hot, you know. Who wouldn't want to sleep with ME??

    He's an "actor." Yeah. Right. Which means he'll shag anyone within five feet of him if he thinks it'll get him his thoroughly undeserved fifteen minutes of fame. He ought to get some sort of fame penalty which prevents him from being in the public eye (preferably forever).

    And James. James, James, James. I thought I'd like you. My queer facilitator thought she'd like you. However, I've decided that all that bulls**t you were spouting at first about "love at first sight" and "eye contact being some window to the soul" was just that. Bulls**t. Dan sat right. there. and told you he was in an "open relationship." Um. 'kay...but yet, you get rid of Jason??? The HELL?? A sweet, quiet, nice guy (with a very subtly sexy Southern twang in his voice to boot!) who--far more than Damn--has his life together (unless I missed something major)??

    You ****in' fool. If you get rid of Franklin, that's it.

    Oh, I ain't finished yet...

    And you got rid of Chris because he's newly come out of the closet?? The ****in' hell???? Do you realize how much courage it takes to come out of the closet? I note that the bio at the beginning said squat about your coming out experience! I know Bravo and whoever's producing this...show...wants to downplay coming out and present gay men as being "just like heterosexual guys," but that's just not true. Anyway, like Chris said, you're probably missing out on a good thing.

    I hope you choose Dan at the end...and he tells you he's straight (to the next person who'll make his famewhorish dreams come true).
    ______________________________ _____________

    Woah. I mean, woah, he hates Dan's (And James') guts. *(Edited msg. to add that guy's entire post)
    Last edited by Mr. Obvious; 08-07-2003 at 07:00 PM.

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    I have to say that even though Dan is trying to get up on my man, Brian H. (my future husband), I'm going to defend Dan here. He really does seem like a fun, nice guy who is just very honest. Can you fault him for that? AND ANOTHER THING, if Brian H. is attracted to Dan, Dan can't be as bad as all these evil people keep saying. I bet he's a great person.

    Now after I said all that- BACK OFF DAN, BRIAN H. IS MINE!

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    Mr. Obvious
    Actually, it's the other way around: Brian H. wants Dan!

    Dan's REALLY getting slammed on this show!

    For me, seriously, he is nice in person. He's normal, and was just on Boy Meets Boy to have fun.

    I talked to him through email (like I keep saying hundreds of times, LOL (his reply to my first email email to him is on page 7)) and he's cool!

    Reality TV is meant to portray you as a Moron. Dan is the epitome of 'moron' on Boy Meets Boy, but in real-real life he's probably a really great guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Texas
    I'm really wondering if that wasn't just good editing, when James looked at Dan while he was dancing. Maybe he scowled at a different time, and they just put it in that spot on the tape. I wouldn't put anything past the producers, trying to cause trouble!
    Good Point! KEN

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    I'm so sick of the bad rep Dan gets! Hello! He's just a straight boy trying to have some fun! And if he gets some boy/boy action in the mean time, well, what harm will it do? As for James, I love him and all, but... I want Dan to make it to the final 3! If he gets kicked... ::cries:: I'll be an Andra hater! I won't say the F word here (fag hag). I promised my mommy I wouldn't. So, in conclusion, Dan may be scrum-diddly-um-cious and straight BUT how cool would it be if he had to... idk, do things with Brian?!?!?! Or Robb maybe?!?! Or both... at the same time?!?! Maybe James could get in there too. I'm not against that! : ) Oh, and for all you Dan-Haters out there, What's up?!?! Don't just hate him because he beautiful and James so obviously wants him! Hate him because, like me, you want him but can't have him. ::sigh:: I'll be back!

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    LA Z BOI58
    Quote Originally Posted by Jopfans
    I won't say the F word here (fag hag).
    Yea...nice job NOT saying it

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    Mr. Obvious
    Dan's beautiful (If you're into guys that look like that) but his pseudo-gay act is so obvious! I'll still love him forever since he's very nice.

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