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    I think that he is getting so much attention due to the way they edited it from the FIRST moment we saw him.... they did a slow motion thing of him licking his lips, and it was just gross! lol He seemed *extremely* cocky from his very first chat with the camera
    "It's still cool to be sane. You're just supposed to be sane and medicated ." - Article from the New York Magazine

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    Mr. Obvious
    I've finally read that Newsweek article, with Dan in mind. It's now very obvious that he is the 'aspiring actor' of the suitors. It's strange that Dan takes "Boy Meets Boy" as an opportunity to hone his craft. I mean, how much better could he be at acting by pretending to be gay for a week? I'm not an actor, so I wouldn't know, but it's very strange.

    Dan apparently even felt bad about the crush Brian H. formed on him, so he took the situation to the producers. That explains much.

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    Dan The Man Ii

    Quote Originally Posted by bostonsinclair
    Well Well Well... Hes still here - I didnt like the whole twist last nite - I thought it wasnt fair and it was clearly an attempt to make sure that James didnt boot all the str8 guys at once - and yet he did boot 2 of them so his gaydar is working a bit whether he knows it or not. The 2 str8 guys who got booted were not a surprise to me either. My gaydar wasnt going bling bling for them. Dan is another question - I still am not sure although will tend to lean to the str8 side and the 'actor' --- I think its obvious though that producers are getting ready for a climax to this storyline which is why th ey are featuring him so much so h e will play some role in something major in a future episode. They edit the shows to create a 'story' and obviously Dan has a strong personality and has a story...and James probably is attracted to him physically.

    I agree with most that hes not "all that" and that while he may have some looks - the cocky personality that hes portraying just makes my skin crawl ... There are some nice decent guys there and hopefully James picks one of them.

    WIth 3 straight guys out - there should only be 2 more left in th ere.
    With 5 str8 guys out of 15, that really lowers the chance of James
    finding a match. So the producers obviously don't care about his
    happiness. Oh yeah, this IS Hollywood. Well, I thought Dan was going
    to get booted last night (ep-2). When he went to the ho-down, and
    the dance instructor asked for a shorter partner and Dan stepped up,
    they began to dirty dance. That's when James said he was starting to
    dislike Dan. But it wasn't Dan's fault, even though he didn't do any-
    thing to discourage the instructor (hate those kind of jeans, by the
    way, although they showed his behind off). Well, James didn't like it
    because HE HAS A CRUSH ON DAN--he was jealous! Poor baby. He fell
    for one of the "str8" dudes. I use quote marks because Dan is on the
    gay end of bi, while he's playing the str8 end of bi. He has not said one
    thing to indicate he likes James, just competition stradegy. Both James
    and Andra are infatuated with him. James is going for charisma over
    substance, soooo - I thought he'd have had sense to boot the guy out.
    But DAN THE MAN is a good player, and cute to boot. But that wears
    off fast!!!! KEN

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Obvious
    Lol I sure am. =P
    I saw it - it was hot - he was SO into it! And damn good at it, if you ask me! There were tons of guys grabbing at him the whole time and he was loving it. It definitely raised some questions for me at the time!

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    Mr. Obvious
    Agh! I wanna see it! He was good at stripping, you say? Hmm, wonder where he learned it...

    Is a clip of it on Kazaa or somethin'?

    *Edit: Darnit, I looked on Kazaa, absolutley no file whatsoever pertaining to Lost. Screencaps of it, anyone? Anywhere I can find a video? In fact, where can I order the 'Lost' series tapes? =P

    Yeah, Dan was on James' 'Top 5' list when he first saw the suitors' portraits. So, there's no doubt James is infatuated with Dan's... erm, looks. That's why I like him. He's cute.

    Quote Originally Posted by realKen
    I use quote marks because Dan is on the gay end of bi, while he's playing the str8 end of bi
    ^ - Okay, I didn't understand a word you said. He's 'on' the 'gay' end of Bi, but he's playing on the 'str8' end of Bi? You confused me with the whole 'Bi' thing. He's pretending to be gay, but he's really straight, is basically what you mean, right?

    Dan said he was thrilled that he's attracted to James, or else he'd be faking it for ten days. That, and the comment on James' shirt, are the only compliments I heard from him.
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    LA Z BOI58
    What's up with his smile? ...it creeps me out, although i figured out how to smile like him yesterday =P

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    Mr. Obvious
    He does this HUUGE cheesy grin (kinda like in my avatar). He's also got a great set of teeth! *stares at avatar*

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    Mr. Obvious
    Here's what I emailed him.

    Please mind my constant sucking up to him, but... whatever! I just like him, and my obsession forced me to email him, hehe. Here (I'm Alex):
    ______________________________ _____________

    Dear Dan,

    Hello, my name is Alex, and you can call me one of your admirers! I totally infatuated with you at the moment, and because of that, I couldn't get any sleep until I sent you this email...

    I hope I do not disturb any current projects you are currently undertaking, and I do wish the very best of your acting career, for I hope to see more of you. I merely write to you in hopes of you reading this email, giving your personal insight on some questions, and hopefully, your reply.

    I've recently been watching Bravo's new reality dating series, "Boy Meets Boy", and the "gay/straight" plot twist/guessing game keeps me very intrigued. However, another thing that especially interests me in the show is a very gorgeous man with a golden mane... yes, you! You have a swishy, sexy personality that makes you stand out from the other suitors, and I look forward to every episode just to see what you could be up to. I am nervous whether or not James gives you the boot, but it's a total sigh of relief for me when you stay on board. (The first episode nearly made me cringe on the brink of disappointment! Thank goodness you were picked to stay!) I'm looking forward to more Boy Meets Boy episodes and how you fare against the other suitors!

    I'd like to ask a few questions in regards to BMB (Boy Meets Boy), and your acting career.

    Yet first off, before I start, I'd like to say... is this really Dan Wells? If so... OH... MY... GAWD!!! HI DAN! I can't believe I'm talking to you!!!

    .... Lol, sorry, I just needed to let that out. I've been wanting to email you for days but now I finally took the courage to email you, and I'm feeling like I'm contacting one of the largest stars in Hollywood or something. Just to let your know, I've never talked to famous people before, and you're the first.

    I'd also like to take a moment to tell you how I found out about you and how I sent you this email in the first place:

    While searching the Internet Movie Database (imdb.com) website for Boy Meets Boy, I saw your first and last name in the cast & credits. I was thinking, 'Is this that Dan guy from Boy Meets Boy?' ... so I click on your name and view your profile. Yeah, it's you! Cool!

    I see your picture, and a list of movies and television appearances you are in. (So... you WERE on NBC's "Lost"??!!?? Amazing on what you can learn on the internet. I watched an episode of season 2 but I totally forgot you were on, sorry). A link to your official site was provided. So, I followed it, and I must say, I like the contents of it - great pictures (I wish I could see more!), and you were quite funny in "Driving to Maui". I then see your email address in the contact part, which gave me a ray of light in hopes of ever contacting you in any form... so I suddenly decide to send you this once I got the courage to say something.

    Now, here are my questions... and I'm trying to avoid asking questions that will spoil me of the events of Boy Meets Boy, such as your sexual orientation (although I do have strong feelings on what your 'preference' is already) so I'm just going to ask you of what you feel on the series. I'd appreciate it if you take the time to read through 'em all.

    1) How has living with the show's 'twist' of a mix of heterosexual and homosexual guys living together been during the course of the shooting? Has it affected your life in any way? Did you learn anything from this social experience, such as not really being able to tell who's gay or not?

    2) Did you think Andra played a major role in James' decisions? Have you gotten along with her?

    3) What was the post-show experience like? In other words, did you enjoy your time on "Boy Meets Boy"? How are relations with other the participants of BMB after the show, if any?

    BIG QUESTION: Do you honestly think this show breaks the barriers of gay stereotypes by including straight guys into the mix of gay suitors? Is this 'social experiment' a good or bad thing? Isn't the fact that this is the first gay reality dating show history-making enough, and that the twist was unnecessary, in your opinion? I'd really, really like to get your insight on this, Dan.

    Now I have a few questions on your acting and former investment banking career:

    1) What made you take on acting?

    2) How long have you been an investment banker? When did you discontinue this profession?

    3) Who are your inspirations? Any actors/actresses you look up to? Any favorite movies?

    4) What genre of movies interest you most? Do you usually act in this certain genre?

    5) Do you have any 'dream roles' that you have planned in the future?

    6) How's theater-acting? Are there any recent theater shows you currently star in? Does theater inspire you to take on the big film productions out there?

    BIG QUESTION #2: Do you consider appearances on Reality television to be acting? Yes, I draw inspiration for this question out of Boy Meets Boy, because your occupation as an actor really entices me to ask this question. Does your personality on "Boy Meets Boy" reflect your true, day-to-day personality? You don't necessarily have to reply to this, it could possibly spoil more of the "Boy Meets Boy" show than I thought...

    And last but not least: You definitely acted like a heterosexual man on the TV Reality series, "Lost", and although I have not viewed much of the series, how did the casting directors (or whoever casts you) get you on "Boy Meets Boy", knowing that some people might recognize you from "Lost" on this show? Did you take this into consideration before joining the cast of "Boy Meets Boy"?

    Those are all my questions for now. Thank you VERY much, Dan, for reading up to this point, because it makes me immensely happy that you find the time to read your fans' emails. I appreciate it, and I pray for a reply from you.

    Thank you, and good luck with whatever future endeavors you come across. If you do happen to send a reply, I will most likely reply back.

    ~ Alex

    ______________________________ _____________

    Like I said, mind me for my corny lines. 'man with a golden mane' ... =P

    His reply's next:
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    Mr. Obvious
    Here's what Dan replied back:
    ______________________________ _____________

    hey buddy. apologies for not responding right away- filming is coming down to
    the wire on my current project, and we're all putting in severe OT in the OK
    heat (a good thing for my wallet thx to SAG).
    thanks so much for your email! your compliments seem genuine and they really
    mean a lot. the show was an amazing experience and i wouldn't trade it for the
    world. i wish i could answer all of your Q's, but the network has forced me to
    keep my mouth shut. they've got plenty of radio show, etc. appearances
    scheduled once the show is over. i hope you'll enjoy the rest of the show.
    keep one thing in mind: i'm just a guy who loves to have fun with his peers- and
    that's all i ever hoped to get out of the show. a fun week to break up the
    summer. my career as an actor has nothing to do with it- actors are regular
    guys too. gay and straight.
    all my best, dan

    ______________________________ _____________

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    what is his email

    Hey mr. obvious could you give us dan's email adress?
    And just to let you know you have a fight on your hands over Dan.. I dell in love with him when he was on Losr...he is sooooo cute!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Obvious
    Darnit, I knew he wouldn't answer everything. I tried the best I could to get some answers out of him. *sigh*

    I appreciate his response. He's very nice. You guys should email him any questions too.

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