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Thread: Dan

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    Dan's popular because he's created controversy with the 'I have a boyfriend' impression. He does come across as full of himself (an ego extending beyond his actual achievements--sorry). He seems attractive in a physical sense but after the 2nd episode he seems like a scoundrel. At this point I think he's straight as well as unnerving.

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    Mr. Obvious
    Most likely, you won't be wrong... With so much stuff going around about Dan, there's no denying that he's straight: From his awkward gay antics to what it says on his resume ('self' on Lost, but it's a 'role' on BMB) to the reality show "Lost".

    Someone can b*tch slap me when I'm wrong but it's just so highly unlikely that he'll turn out gay...

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    LA Z BOI58
    Oh yea...When Dan told James he had feminine eyes...OMFG that is one thing you dont say to a man gay or straight!!

    I like my handwriting but whenever someone says i write like a girl I dont take it easily =P

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    Mr. Obvious
    Dan never said that... Franklin did, during the one-on-one.

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    LA Z BOI58
    Oh LOL im sorry. bad memory..but its still something you dont say

    I feel stupid now...

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    Mr. Obvious
    It's okay, LOL, I couldn't remember a few of the guys' names the first time.

    Speaking of Dan, has anyone seen him in any movie? He is an actor, anyway...

    If you live in California, there's a movie called "Going Down" that plays in... only two theaters. He plays as this stupid jock. You can see Dan at the movie's website at http://www.goingdownthemovie.com/ by clicking on him. (When you highlight over him he says, "WHO WANTS TO KICK SOME @SS!!!" LoL) I personally would see it for Dan (duh), but this comedy looks stupid.

    He's also in this other 12 minute short movie called "Down the Rabbit Hole". It's this psycho-thriller kind of thing. You can find out about it here or here. (There's a pic of Dan with a gun in his mouth! I think it's too inappropriate to post that here)

    And I think his biggest role yet will be this family film called "Walking on Water". (Info is here) It doesn't look like an independent film or anything, especially with some people he's cast with. He plays this guy called Brad Miller, a sister to Sarah Miller (played by Marina Sirtis, who's familiar in Star Trek: Nemesis). Comes out in 2004... not sure of his character's details.
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    Mr. Obvious
    Quote Originally Posted by heymikey
    I sent him an e-mail and he is really nice.
    Darn, if you got an email from him I wonder if I will too, and how long I have to wait... He's probably too busy shooting "Walking on Water" for now.

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    Acting "Gay"

    Lets get something cleared up right now folks. There is no such thing as acting "gay". The straight guys on this show are not acting gay they are lying about it. The only act is acting like they are interested in James as something other than friend.

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    Mr. Obvious
    Edit: Edited my last post. I get your point, nevermind.
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    Mr. Obvious
    Quote Originally Posted by Max Smart
    His website lists his role on Boy Meets Boy as “Principal - Dan” rather than the “Self” he lists for Lost, which indicates that he’s playing a role on here.
    Another thing: IMDB.com lists "Boy Meets Boy" under Dan's "Himself" roles, but lists "Lost" under the "acting" roles.

    I guess Dan's resume on his official site matters more than this.

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