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Thread: Dan

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    LA Z BOI58
    LOL! I can smile like Dan now! hehe, his smile is funky.

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    Sek Shi Kai
    I really like this show. And I really like Dan. LoL I sound like a stupid school girl. LoL. Anyway, I acctually thought Paul was straight cause he couldn't speak so much and didn't show it, but I'm no sure about Dan. I know how he's hot and everything but its just kind of suspicious. Since he's an actor. I went to the website..gallery with pics..drool...::wipes drool:: and I'm torn cause I really want to know if he's gay or not. What if I send him an e-mail? Or what if he was acting straight on Lost but being truthful on BMB? Part of me wants him to be eliminated so I could see his prefrence but the other part would be torn if he was eliminated and acctually gay. To bad James cant go to his website...unless he already did...I hope Dans gay..drool..drool some more...okay

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    Sek Shi Kai
    BTW does anyone know of any websites with Dan Wells pics? Beside his site? You know like those huge a$$ archives..

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    Mr. Obvious
    ^ - No, not really. I'm trying to find pics of him in "Lost" but I'm having NO luck whatsoever.

    Yeah, I hope Dan turns out Gay... I mean, I think it's just me, but his face is the kind of face you would put make-up on, like those gay guys who work at some bars here in Las Vegas.

    BUT, What Dan said about his 'boyfriend' during the store segment REALLY irked me.

    I don't remember COMPLETELY, so forgive me, but he said something along the lines of "I'll slowly start to reveal..." (forgot what he was gonna 'reveal'), and then "I'll never see my boyfriend again" (Maybe because you CAN'T, because it's a LIE???), and then something like "Andra" and "will know that I'm free".

    Free for the taking? For Andra? Dan wants Andra? o_O

    Gah, I'm bad at memorizing, but what Dan said was suspicious. If someone can give me the exact quote I'd appreciate it.

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    Fabulous fag! ;) Gizmo82's Avatar
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    Feb 2003
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    Well all of my friends seem to have the same opinion of Dan (and yes, I am gay, and most of the friends I am talking about are as well) He is just fake.... Is he cute? Yeah, he's kinda cute... but then he opens his mouth and is just ANNOYING! James got that point just right, I think he is definately one of the guys the producers have told James to keep around... everything he says just sounds too thought out, and phoney... I'm *really* hoping he goes next week ..and no, I'm *not* jealous of him in any way shape or form.. I personally am more attracted to Robb, because I love his personality.. *shrugs* please let dan be straight
    "It's still cool to be sane. You're just supposed to be sane and medicated ." - Article from the New York Magazine

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    Mr. Obvious
    Currently, I'm composing an email to Dan RIGHT NOW. I'm still thinking of questions to say, though, but hopefully I'll send it in soon and he replies back!

    ... seriously, pretend for a second that Dan really turned out to be gay. What would be your first reaction?

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    Mr. Obvious
    Okay, just a quick notice:


    I REALLY hope he reads it.

    If he replies, I'll share what we discussed with the board. Wish me luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmo82
    He is just fake.... Is he cute? Yeah, he's kinda cute... but then he opens his mouth and is just ANNOYING!
    ITA. He's completely insincere in everything thing he says and does. But who cares right? He sure is purrrty to look at.

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    Well Well Well... Hes still here - I didnt like the whole twist last nite - I thought it wasnt fair and it was clearly an attempt to make sure that James didnt boot all the str8 guys at once - and yet he did boot 2 of them so his gaydar is working a bit whether he knows it or not. The 2 str8 guys who got booted were not a surprise to me either. My gaydar wasnt going bling bling for them. Dan is another question - I still am not sure although will tend to lean to the str8 side and the 'actor' --- I think its obvious though that producers are getting ready for a climax to this storyline which is why th ey are featuring him so much so h e will play some role in something major in a future episode. They edit the shows to create a 'story' and obviously Dan has a strong personality and has a story...and James probably is attracted to him physically.

    I agree with most that hes not "all that" and that while he may have some looks - the cocky personality that hes portraying just makes my skin crawl ... There are some nice decent guys there and hopefully James picks one of them.

    WIth 3 straight guys out - there should only be 2 more left in th ere.

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    For Your Entertainment lobeck's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealDeal
    I can't believe how jealous James is of Dan! It was so obvious that he hated that Dan got attention. He seemed so catty in the car.
    Oh, puhleeze. James isn't jealous of Dan. James was upset (IMO) because Dan was making such an effort himself to be the center of attention.

    God, I wish Dan would go. I don't know what Andra said to James about Dan to cause James to keep him around, but I wish she would have kept her mouth shut.

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