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Thread: Brian H

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    I felt so bad for Brian that Dan left, but its probably worse when he finds out the Dan is straight.

    I've sent Brian an email asking how he reacted to the news, and I'll post it here if I get a responce! (Hopefully, I have the right email... brian_hay@hotmail.com

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    All I have to say is that Brian is hot, he has a great body, nice teeth and a perfect tan.
    And I too am liking his nature trail

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    Fell in love with a boy.. realitynut95's Avatar
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    i just totally felt bad for him that dan is straight (and for everyone really) because he really did seem to like him

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    Brian's #1 Fan
    Quote Originally Posted by cali
    not impressed by the photo... but a lot of the Promo Shos now a days are bad.

    He like beach volleyball like the leading man
    Brian is the BEST! He's funny and sweet and his teeth are sparkling white!

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    Brian's #1 Fan

    Brian H...

    We love Brian. Go Brian!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian's #1 Fan
    We love Brian. Go Brian!!!

    I think that Brian is awesome!!!!

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    He does have great teeth!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foggy Doggy
    Jordy, no need for a gaydar replacement, Brian is as gay as Paul Lynde or Liberace

    Thanks, Foggy Doggy --- I am so worried about how many more straight guys are on the show. So far it has been five, right? I think the promo said "at least one of the mates is straight..." Now that could really mean that only one is left, or it could mean more. If we get more than seven, then almost half of the original were straight! More than that simply wouldn't be right...

    Robb and Brian are gay... they've gotta be...
    Wes -- man, there's just a bit of doubt in my mind... Although I will really be shocked if he's not gay
    Franklin -- wouldn't it be something if he was straight? I mean he's been a frontrunner since day one... still, there's something about him which makes me wonder...
    Sean -- took real offense to the "masculine" discussion at the table... I just don't see it in him...

    The shirtless dirty dancing promos for next week -- and weren't there kisses, too? -- those promise to be very revealing; in more way than one!

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    Foggy Doggy
    Quote Originally Posted by eldee

    Jordy88, do you like taunt, muscular, hot male bodies? Come join us at the Hottest Men thread and bring your friends too!
    Good invite Eldee We have a collection of VERY hot looking men pics in our thread over there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordy88
    Fans of Brian -- click on the link.. Brian is on the far right of the top row.. VERY nice picture


    When I visited LA last winter, the bar Brian works at had really hot baseball cards with Brian's (shirtless) pictures on them. If anyone from LA has those please post them here for us.

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