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Thread: Andra - The Friend

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    Mr. Obvious
    Quote Originally Posted by ANDRA_BMB
    PS I will let Matt know that there are people curious to know how he is doing.

    Tell Matt to check out these boards if he can! Hehe. And tell him that we all love him.

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    I second that call

    Please have Matt support the posters <>

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANDRA_BMB
    You don't know how much I would love to answer those questions, but I cannot address any of that. I will say though, there are some really great friendships that formed as a result of this experience, and for that I am grateful.
    Hey Andra, I was pondering friendships and life in general and all those other Sunday night philosophical thinks last night, and I'm curious about something: I think it's safe to assume that you have kept in touch with Robb, and he with Wes (from the messages you three have written here). So the question is this: have you found that you and James are keeping in touch more with the ones who turned out to be gay more than the straight ones? Or just the ones you had longer to hang out with?

    I've moved to places where I knew nobody prior to moving there twice in the past few years, so making friends and how friendships form is just something I've been watching... If you don't want to answer (or don't want to say in public) I'll be fine with that, but I thought I'd ask.

    -- Joe

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    It brings reality close to home when someone from the show joins us.

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    I would love to answer questions about the friendships that have or have not formed due to the show. But I can't.

    I hope to be back to post once the show is over.
    Have a wonderful next few weeks...

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    I think that the people on the show have been discouraged from posting just about anything... I could be wrong, but have wes and robb said anything lately? haven't really checked... I understand though... In any case, I think Andra is a great friend, and you could tell that she really knows James, and what he is looking for... I loved it that she got to spend time with the guys on her own, so she could see how they were when he wasn't around... you know how some guys turn it on when the guy they like is there... she seemed to click with them all really well also... good to hear that some of them still hang out now that the show is over... I think a lot of them are from San Diego (like most) and I know that is where robb and wes are... anyone know other than Brian, James, and Andra which of the guys actually lived in LA?
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    Mr. Obvious
    LA Guys: Dan, Brian H., Franklin, Darren, Marc, and Michael. The rest are from San Diego, but Matthew's the only guy from San Francisco.

    Wes and Robb haven't been revealing anything on the boards, AFAIK. They were only talking about how great the experience was and stuff...

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    For what its worth...

    In todays episode (8/26) when Andra loses it when hearing the "twist" she mentions how bad the situation is going to look for her (and James) when it airs.

    I know its all "in the past" by now but for what its worth Andra, you didn't look the least bit silly or foolish for what had been done. And I sure wouldn't have wanted to been on the receiving end of your irritation. Its just not healthy to piss off nice people.

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    That is such a nice post and I'm sure Andra would appreciate it.

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    Good for Andra!!

    She didn't look foolish at all. She looked like someone who was angry at seeing her friend hurt. She looked like someone who was hurt that she'd been a participant in the whole mess.

    I'd kind of wondered why James needed a friend on the show, now I
    understand perfectly. No matter how it turns out, he choses his friends

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