Bravo is proud to present television's first gay dating series with "Boy Meets Boy," a new twist on a traditional dating show. You've heard all the controversial buzz–now you can see for yourself what everyone is talking about!

"Boy Meets Boy," hosted by Dani Behr ("Extra"), is Bravo's distinctive reality gay dating series with twists that explore the unexpected, leaving the viewers on the edge of their seats.

In the premiere episode, viewers will meet James (leading man) a handsome, 32-year old administrator in the human resources department of a law firm. James and the fifteen potential mates will live in luxurious but separate accommodations. The suitors vie for his affections by participating in group activities and attending one-on-one dates, while James–with advise from his best friend Andra–eliminate men at the end of each episode.

THE TWIST! What the leading man and Andra don't know is that some of the "mates" are actually STRAIGHT men posing as gay men–an interesting twist allowing for numerous avenues of heated on-air discussions and debates that challenge socially preconceived notions of what is considered gay and straight behavior.

CAN YOU GUESS who is straight and who is gay? Watch the premiere episode and cast your vote on the Bio Page of each mate. Then keep watching every Tuesday night at 9/8pm to find out if your guesses are correct.

Check back in the coming weeks for more information about the show, including recaps, episodic photos and more!