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Thread: The Hunger Games Triology

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    Re: The Hunger Games Triology

    I didn't mean to read it that many times. But I would start reading the first book again, and wasn't able to put them down. I have them on my Kindle, so I read them like one long, continuous book. I am the owner of an official MockingJay pin, though, so I guess that makes me a HG nerd.
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    Re: The Hunger Games Triology

    I saw this was surfing the web and thought it was a really neat idea. Wish I had thought of it--Hunger Games themed chocolate!

    I'll post the article I read and a link to it:

    Now There Are Hunger Games-Themed Chocolate Bars
    November 19, 2013 at 9:05AM by Kiri Tannenbaum | 0

    First there were the books, then the movies, and now comes…the chocolate! In time for the release of the Hunger Games: Catching Fire film starring Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, Vosges Haut-Chocolate, a boutique chocolatier, has introduced a line of gourmet Hunger Games-themed confections.

    According to the Consumerist, there is a chocolate bar ($4.99) for each of the 12 "Districts of Panem" represented at the games. Beef jerky and smoked mesquite in milk chocolate represents "District 10," while "District 12," which is a salt mining town, is represented by a salt and milk chocolate creation, reports the Chicago Tribune.

    If you prefer truffles to chocolate bars, you can purchase The Capitol Truffle Collection for a mere $225. According to the Vosges website, the assortment "is curated to guide your palate through opulence and ritual." There are 18 truffles in all, each with a different texture, shape, color, and flavor. In addition to flavors like coconut-banana covered in dark chocolate and a coconut charcoal ash, there are 16 hidden compartments below the candies to complement the "degustation." "Small vials of crushed violet petals, pearl dust, gold leaf and matcha tea are accompanied by detailed mixology instructions to create decadent libations. Trinkets and objects of desire dictate social rules and traditions," explains the website.

    Do you want to try the Hunger Games chocolates from Vosges?

    Hunger Games Themed Chocolate Bars - Vosges Chocolates Releases Hunger Games Truffle Collection - Delish.com
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    Re: The Hunger Games Triology

    Yeah, it's kind of weird to have this and then the Subway movie tie-in...cause they're the Hunger Games, right?
    Some of the chocolate did look good, however the only one I saw in the store was the beef jerky one (ugh, no).
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    Re: The Hunger Games Triology

    Yummmm dark chocolate and salt...I'd eat that during the movie (or anytime) with pleasure...

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