Has anyone read this trilogy? I am about 1/2 through TBH and it's one of the most sweeping, dramatic, historical fictions I've ever read.

It is set in 1941 Leningrad (St. Petersburg) during the German invasion and blockade of that city. Incredible writing, very layered and complex characters and a beautiful and difficult love story. And, having never read a book on Communist Russia during this time period, all I can say is I am horrified over the conditions the citizens existed in daily. I am not naive and well read and knew people had to wait in line for groceries, but I did not know that so many people shared tiny apartments and living conditions were so grim, shared kitchens, bathrooms, by upwards of 20-25 people.

If you liked the Outlander series, which I am currently enjoying as well, check out this, you'll love it!