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Thread: Madeline L'Engle dies

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    Madeline L'Engle dies

    Aww. I LOVED the Wrinkle in Time series, I read those three books as a kid till my copies were wrinkled themselves. I may need to reread them now; I think I've liberated at least the first one from my childhood bookcase and brought it to my apartment.

    HARTFORD, Connecticut (AP) -- Author Madeleine L'Engle, whose novel "A Wrinkle in Time" has been enjoyed by generations of schoolchildren and adults since the 1960s, has died, her publicist said Friday. She was 88.

    L'Engle died Thursday at a nursing home in Litchfield of natural causes, according to Jennifer Doerr, publicity manager for publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

    The Newbery Medal winner wrote more than 60 books, including fantasies, poetry and memoirs, often highlighting spiritual themes and her Christian faith.

    Although L'Engle was often labeled a children's author, she disliked that classification. In a 1993 Associated Press interview, she said she did not write down to children.

    "In my dreams, I never have an age," she said. "I never write for any age group in mind. When people do, they tend to be tolerant and condescending and they don't write as well as they can write.

    "When you underestimate your audience, you're cutting yourself off from your best work."

    "A Wrinkle in Time" -- which L'Engle said was rejected repeatedly before it found a publisher in 1962 -- won the American Library Association's 1963 Newbery Medal for best American children's book. Her "A Ring of Endless Light" was a Newbery Honor Book, or medal runner-up, in 1981.

    In 2004, President Bush awarded her a National Humanities Medal.

    "Wrinkle" tells the story of adolescent Meg Murry, her genius little brother Charles Wallace, and their battle against evil as they search across the universe for their missing father, a scientist.

    L'Engle followed it up with further adventures of the Murry children, including "A Wind in the Door," 1973; "A Swiftly Tilting Planet," 1978, which won an American Book Award; and "Many Waters," 1986.
    'Wrinkle in Time' author dies at 88 - CNN.com
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    Re: Madeline L'Engle dies

    Aw, I loved those too, Lucy! They're on my long list of books to buy for my kids.
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    Re: Madeline L'Engle dies

    I loved them too, Lucy. I probably read the series at least ten times.

    Maybe ten years ago, I discovered the books - sort of memoirs - that she wrote for adults. I really loved them and gained a whole new appreciation for her. I'll always remember her lovely late husband, Hugh Franklin, as Dr. Charles Tyler on All My Children. We've definitely lost one of our great writers.
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    Re: Madeline L'Engle dies

    How sad. I loved that series too, but especially A Wrinkle in Time. I used to daydream about finding a tesseract, and I loved getting freaked out by that evil brain. She was a fantastic storyteller.

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    Re: Madeline L'Engle dies

    I remember reading A Wrinkle In Time and the rest of the series. One thing I liked about her was her strong female characters and of course Charles. Who wouldn't want a brother like Charles.
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