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Thread: Your latest book purchases

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    Re: Your latest book purchases

    Harlan Coben is one of my faves, as well.
    Haven't read Live Wire yet.
    Please do post a review after you read it, Lucynda.
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    Re: Your latest book purchases

    Quote Originally Posted by Kao View Post
    I recently bought Game of Thrones and i can't WAIT to read the rest of them! It starts out slow but before you know it you're completely hooked!
    Kao, I am almost halfway through GoT, then I have book two on standby. I am loving this book, the characters are vivid and the stories are captivating!
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    Re: Your latest book purchases

    It's time for another post from me swearing I don't work for bookcloseouts.com! I just love the site so much! They're running a big warehouse clearance sale and thousands of titles are only $1.99:
    BookCloseOuts.com - *Promotions

    This site sells remaindered books and excess inventory, which means that some of them have a black mark on the edges. I don't happen to care about that - I like getting a great deal! Now I just have to stay away from the site, so I don't end up spending money on more books!
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