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Thread: Lee Child, John Reacher series

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    Lee Child, John Reacher series

    Anyone else read these, if not it's some good summer fiction.
    I wish just once they'd say "sir" without adding your "making a scene".

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    Re: Lee Child, John Reacher series

    Good recommendation, Strange1.

    I've read three from the series, possibly another that I don't connect title to the series.

    Of the three I just separated out of a mound of books I was boxing up for storage a week ago because I anticipated wanting to read again, none raise too far above the others as something I'd call superior. I may have expressed that poorly, what I meant to say was that Child is consistent in telling a good tale.

    There are several aspects of the Jack Reacher series I find appealing. First is the fact that Reacher is an Everyman in comparision to some semi or full blown Super characters that populate many thrillers. Rather than having a particular attraction to one type of trouble, Jack Reacher doesn't appear to seek trouble; he just doesn't shy away from it when he encounters it. His military background is just right, as Goldilocks might say. Again, he's not a super secret or otherwise super warrior known the world over that has foes peeing their pants, he's an mid-level ex-military policeman, aware and capable enough, but still down to earth in his approach and level of confidence.

    He reminds me of any number of '60's TV shows where on a weekly basis the hero or hero's drift into a town, mete out some needed justice, and then head on again after what needed doing has been done. Few ever having been aware of their presence, because a Jack Reacher is a loner not seeking attention.

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    Re: Lee Child, John Reacher series

    I recently read Without Fail, which I enjoyed as I expected I would. I was somewhat disappointed, however slightly, in that John Reacher has a tendency to hold back information which might have been more helpful if provided in a timelier manner than he chose to share it.

    I can understand to some degree, because those he allies with aren't always within his circle of trust or respect, but I'd expect him to share his thoughts with me if I were the primary individual covering his back at that moment in time. He doled out his guesses a bit too slowly as far as I was concerned.

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    Re: Lee Child, John Reacher series

    I think I've read most of the Reacher novels by now--consistently good. Once he retires from the military he becomes a bit of a Shane type figure, wandering across the US, into small towns with trouble and clearing it up. I agree, he doesn't have super powers, although his size and strength are definitely more than ordinary, but just within the realm of the normal.

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    Re: Lee Child, John Reacher series

    I've listened to the audio version of several of these. I need to check out the next one in the series as I have enjoyed them all. I sort of found this series by accident. Before I was given my mp3 player I checked out play-away books at my library. Those are much more limited in scope at my library than audio cd's. I started checking out books that looked interesting but I didn't necessarily know anything about the book or author. Many of those only had one or two books in a series. I ended up finding several books/authors that I enjoyed and once I had my mp3 I went back and checked out more books from that new list.

    The play-away book I read was several books into the series and referenced past events. I was intrigued and started at the beginning. It's been awhile but it's still on my list to keep reading.

    leftcoaster you have interesting insight into the character and have stated quite well what draws me to him.

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