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Thread: Dan Millman- The Way of The Peaceful Warrior

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    Dan Millman- The Way of The Peaceful Warrior

    I know you don't think I read, but I do.
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    I'm posting because by Dan Millman is coming out as a movie in select cities. (see movies thread). It's going by The Peaceful Warrior. I adore this book and others by Dan Millman. I hope the movie does the book justice and doesn't ruin it, as movies sometimes do.

    Has anyone else read this or any of these books?
    - No Ordinary Moments
    - The Warrior Athlete
    - The Way of the Peaceful Warrior
    - Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior
    - Secret of the Peaceful Warrior (for children)
    - Quest for the Crystal Castle (for children)
    - The Life You Were Born To Live - A guide to finding your life purpose!

    I HIGHLY recommend the last one. I refer to it many times, and it seems to be dead on with respect to my family, friends and co-workers. It's great to have and it's been borrowed heavily and given as gifts.
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