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Thread: Streisand Sex Book

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    Streisand Sex Book

    Oooooo. This could be interesting . There's a lot of Hollywood hunky hunks who have been linked to this lady. I can't believe she's 63, but I'm sure glad she's happy with hubby James Brolin. He was sure a great catch! Anderson is the critically acclaimed author of twenty–three books, so he probably has his facts straight.
    New Book Reveals Streisand's Sex Life
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    (KP International) A new Barbra Streisand biography, 'Barbra: The Way She Is,' by Christopher Anderson, went on sale Tuesday (March 28) and promises to reveal new details on the superstars' sex-life.

    The diva singer/actress, who is referred to as "the ugly duckling who blossomed into a modern-day Nefertiti" by the book's publisher HarperCollins, has allegedly made the most of her 63 years.

    Apparently the diva's long list of sexual conquests reads like a who's-who of Hollywood and includes: tennis pro Andre Agassi, Warren Beatty, Richard Gere, news reporter Peter Jennings, Don Johnson (who was reportedly affectionately referred to as Streisand's "goy toy"), Kris Kristofferson, Steve McQueen, Liam Neeson, Ryan O'Neal, Omar Sharif and Jon Voight. But Babs also had a taste for men with political prowess, too, and was romantically linked to former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and the late Princess Diana's former husband, Prince Charles, and her lover Dodi Fayed.
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    Oh, for the love! A "modern-day Nefertiti?" No!

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    Wait, what? ArchieComic Fan's Avatar
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    I really don't care to think about Barbra having sex She seems like she would have to be the one "in charge"

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    I just got this from the library-I can't wait to read it!

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    This is one book I won't be reading! So, she's slept with half of Hollywood and their brothers. I could care less!
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    Whenever I hear the name Barbra Streisand I flash back to the film Nuts, which had me asking myself "who the hell would pay $500 to spend the night with her?" I won't be reading it *shudder*.
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    Ew. Just ew. *shudders with Rattus*
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    I'm a sicko. . I like books like this - especially if it includes some type of ranking system.
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    Jewels! I probably won't read it. I love Barbra - her voice is amazing - but ever since she compared Andre Agassi to a zen master, I prefer not to think about her sex life at all. You know though - Steve McQueen and Liam Neeson? Good for her!
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    The mere title of this thread is enough to put me off sex for a month! Do I have any desire to read this book? Hell no. Although I am surprised to see she bagged Liam Neeson, an actor I adore.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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