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Thread: What book by one of your favorite authors did you HATE?

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    Actually I read that one too and it does get better. There is alot of backstory that they need to get through while they are setting up the events that are occuring in the present. If you stick with it, it will (hopefully) become one that you can't put down. I hope that all made sense. I was trying not to give anything away to you!

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    Uncanny by Paul Jennings. I didn't get it.

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    Joy Fielding - Lost and Puppet. I loved most of her books but I hated those last two books she wrote. They were really boring.

    Bertrice Small - The Innocent.

    Sidney Sheldon - He was my favorite writer but I haven't enjoyed any of his books since "Nothing Lasts Forever". He should have retired years ago.

    John Grisham - The Partner. He ending ruined the entire book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geek the girl View Post
    I've been a Patricia Cornwell fan for over a decade, but I HATED Blow Fly and wasn't too crazy about its two followers, Trace and Predator, either. I think it's the change of perspective - from first person to third - that bugs me. Scarpetta just seems phony, stuck-up and righteous to me know, whereas when I was inside her head (so to speak), I could put up with her. I keep hoping that the next Scarpetta mystery will be a return to the glory days, but she keeps disappointing me. Unless she improves, I'll stop buying the hardcover and wait for the paperback instead.
    I agree. I couldn't even get past page 40 of Predator. I didn't like the change of point of view either. I just check them out from the library now.

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