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Thread: Cell by Stephen King (to be released January 24)

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    Okay, just finished Cell. I was somewhat unsatisfied with the ending because I kept waiting for Rafael to catch up to Tom. It wouldn't have been farfetched (or any more farfetched than people being zombified by their phones), and all I could think of was "poor Rafer". Above and beyond any concern I had for any other character - "poor Rafer".
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    I finally read this. I agree with those of you who felt the ending just left you hanging. I enjoyed the story, although it's not among my favorite of King's books, but overall, I thought it felt ... hasty. I guess the King books I love the most are the long ones, that take a long time building up to the story, a long time explaining the characters, and by the time things happen you feel invested. I never was able to feel really invested in these characters, I didn't feel like we really got to know them. I felt like King was just in a hurry to get on to the zombies -- and if he'd slowed down, and given us more depth to the characters and the plot, I think I'd have enjuoyed it more.

    It did remind me of the Stand, which I loved, and that might be part of my problem with it -- not that it's like another book, but that the Stand was this drawn-out story of apocalypse, and so I want something like that, instead of a condensed version, with zombies.
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    Lucy, as it turns out, I just finished this book last night. I loved it, and not just because I've been on a mini-Stephen King kick lately. I loved the fast pace, because I didn't have time to get bored like I did at times during The Stand. I'm in the minority here, but I thought the ending was great. To me it was a true horror-genre type ending, where you end up with a creepy "what if" feeling - what if
    Click to see Spoiler:
    Clay's son gets worse? Would Clay go ahead and Pulse himself? Or what if Johnny turns on Clay?
    . Sort of reminds me of the fast but fabulous Masters of Horrors series.

    The only thing that I found lacking was the character of Clay himself. I think that King's editor kept him/herself extremely busy red-inking a lot of Clay's character development. For instance, we know from the beginning that Clay is an artist, but that aspect of him is lost for most of the story except towards the end. It seemed odd to see such a half-baked character from King. But overall, a great read. I talked my husband into buying me a copy of Lisey's Story as an early Christmas present, and I'm looking forward to that one now.
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    Did any of you read Lisey's Story? When they kept talking about how she didn't like using her cell phone, it made me wonder if she would survive the plot in Cell, lol.

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