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Thread: Any Diana Gabaldon Fans?

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    Re: Any Diana Gabaldon Fans?

    I watched the first Outlander episode on Starz website (free). Oh Wow! This is going to be so good. The cast is perfect. Clare and Jamie look exactly how I had envisioned them while reading the books. They introduced Frank's despicable grandfather, Blackjack Randall. Ah! I remembered why I wanted Claire to stay with Jamie and not go back to Frank.
    I'm hoping that Dish with include Starz in a free preview and I can watch the rest of the series.
    It was filmed in Scotland and the scenery is gorgeous. I've always wanted to travel to Scotland, Ireland and England.
    Y'all Enjoy!
    In the meantime, I picked up Written In My Own Heart's Blood from the library today and plan on immersing myself in it.
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    Re: Any Diana Gabaldon Fans?

    I'm so excited for the Outlander series on Starz! It already has nearly 1 million views, ahead of the official premier tonight. Over 600,000 of those views are first timers. I admit to being apart of the other 400,000 - several times - lol.
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    Re: Any Diana Gabaldon Fans?

    I've started a thread for it under Non-reality TV.
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    Re: Any Diana Gabaldon Fans?

    Love the Outlander Books but here in Canada have to wait till August 24th for the first episode.

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