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Thread: Who is your favorite author?

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    Re: Who is your favorite author?

    Jane Austen
    C.S. Lewis
    Jack London

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    Re: Who is your favorite author?

    Some of my favorites would include-

    Antonia Fraser
    Alison Weir
    Peter Ward
    Richard Fortey
    Paul Davies
    Lou Marinoff
    Frank Tipler
    Stephen King
    Nigel Cawthorne
    Thomas Cahill
    Brian Fagan

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    Re: Who is your favorite author?

    Paullina Simons- every book of hers will stay w/ you forever!

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    Re: Who is your favorite author?

    Right now it's Phillipa Gregory.

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    Re: Who is your favorite author?

    For a compromise between "art" and "fun"? Of all time, it has to be Ray Bradbury.

    With different genres (and subgenres) I've got favorites. For classic mysteries, even more than Conan-Doyle, there's Rex Stout.

    For classic Sci-Fi (I consider Bradbury to be Fantasy most of the time, not Sci-fi), there's Asimov. For more modern Sci-Fi, there's Silverberg--although maybe its fairer to judge him now as classic too, so maybe I'd have to go with Robert J. Sawyer.

    I'll give plenty of "props" to JK Rowling for modern Fantasy, although I'll only be TOTALLY convinced if she's eventually willing and able to write something non-Potterish. Since he's been mentioned a few times in this thread I'll say that I have enjoyed Jasper Fforde, but his books somehow got a bit wearying for me eventually. Not sure why.

    I've gotten out of the habit of reading "thrillers", no matter how many paperbacks friends and relatives shove at me, because they all seem to have a sameness to them to me. Back when I DID read them, I suppose I appreciated Clive Cussler, for pure trash value, and John Grisham.

    For humor, more than Sci-fi, I have to add Douglas Adams. I will add that I've TRIED to get into Terry Pratchett's Discworld books, but for some reason couldn't. And yet, while briefly in the U.K., I saw BOTH of the Sky One adaptions done from his work ("Hogfather" and "The Colour of Magic") and thought they were fantastic. For me, the change in form fixed the problems I had with his work.

    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
    -----Sylvester Stallone, on Mr. T-----

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    Re: Who is your favorite author?

    Wow, ok I am like so many on here and have so many favorite authors.

    Laurell K. Hamilton (Hands down my fav)
    MaryJanice Davidson (she makes me laugh)
    Kim Harrison
    Nora roberts
    Sandra Brown
    Debbie MacComber
    Fern Micheals
    Joy Fielding
    Danielle Steele
    Charlaine Harris
    VC Andrews
    Dean Koontz
    Catherine Coulter

    Seems like there are many more but for some reason my mind is blank right now. There is a newish author I am loving..last name Brennan can not for the life of me think of her first name.

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    Re: Who is your favorite author?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy;1734655;
    What? I never replied to this?

    Yeah, I could never choose one. I love Jane Austen for her sly wit, Stephen King for his sheer suck-you-in storytelling, Jasper Fforde for his absurdism, J.K. Rowling for her ingenuity, Carl Hiaason for just fun witty middle-brow mysteries, Neil Gaiman for his fantasticism (is that a word?), C.S. Lewis for my childhood, and a slew of others.
    Can I second all of the above and add Gabriel Garcia Marquez for his beauty and description of love and life and James Allen Gardner for his powerful female leads, who aren't picture perfect beauties, and Phillip Pullman for his amazingness.

    Ok, so I really can't chose 1 favorite and I have so many more that I would like to cite here.

    (and I feel like I'm giving some sort of acceptance speech and the music has just started playing over my voice. so I shall stop there, for now)

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    Re: Who is your favorite author?

    Lurlene McDaniel
    Nicholas Sparks

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    Re: Who is your favorite author?

    Stephen King and J.k rowiling, Dan brown, Lemony Stickict C.S. Lewis
    Jane Austen and Bram Stoker

    I have no life I know I am an book worm
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    Re: Who is your favorite author?

    Danielle Steele
    Stephen King

    Weird combination, huh?

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