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Thread: What kind of cookbook do you want?

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    Cooking for One Or Two People

    I saw a few people asking for these type of cookbooks and I have two of these which are spectacular and have lots of different types of recipies, accommodating for vegetarians too.

    The first book is Straight A's College Cookbook Qucik Cooking for One or Two and the second book is Qucik Cooking for Busy People: for families, first time cooks or singles. Both books are by Karen Wokes and I would highly recommend them.
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    Does anyone have a good suggestion for a kid's cookbook? My daughter wants to "help" more and more lately so I thought it's be fun to get her a cookbook of her own.
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    There's a few good ones. Kitchen for Kids by Jennifer Low is good, great photos. For kids about age 9 and up, and I think yours are younger? For younger ones what about Pretend Soup by Mollie Katzen? I love her adult books (which are veggie by the way). Kids Cooking by Australian Women's Weekly is great, I love their books. I also love how to books published by Dorling Kindersley, you could ask at your bookstore for titles. There's a gazillion books in this subject area, but the ones I've mentioned are general and have good, clear instructions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giz View Post
    I've been thinking of writing a cookbook for a long time, got a lot of recipes plus a lot of love for both cooking, and reading cookbooks. To get published though, I probably need a niche. I've got a few ideas, but was wondering what all you fellow readers would like to see? Anyone else out there either read a lot of cookbooks, or can't cook but know what they'd like to see published? Thanks.
    So, giz, how goes it with the cookbook?

    Here's my preferences:

    1) Photos, photos and more photos! I don't know why, but my meals DO turn out like the photos and I need/enjoy to see the finished result. I've got loads of cookbooks without photos, but when I'm making something new for the first time, I like to see just what it's supposed to look like.

    2) Regarding a title for your cookbook, how about "Something for everyone"? Start out with meals for 2 that can be taken to work or frozen, move on to Crock Pot recipes that can be easily doubled, have some tasty vegetarian recipes (usually you can incorporate loads of ethnic recipes in this section) and then finish up with some more complex recipes and deserts.

    You could have a coding system on the top of each page, denoting :Kid Friendly; Meals in Minutes; Make Ahead, etc, so when someone is flipping through your book, they can tell at a glance if they should make that one.

    Currently, my favorite "cookbooks" are all the old Pillsbury ones (I have decades worth) because they are extremely simple, tasty and the photos are fab. Also, I have subscribed to the Betty Crocker recipe site: http://www.bettycrocker.com/allabout...n/aae_sopg.asp , with phenomenal success! I'd say that since subscribing, over 75% of my 'home-cooked meals' come from their website!!! Why? Super easy, extraordinarily tasty and photos. Plus, they have taught me that using ready made ingredients like frozen veggies and adding some boxed mixes to the meal does NOT mean a compromise in taste or quality. Check out there website and spend a couple of hours there; they have a food glossary and conversion tables, all of which, I'm sure, are NOT copyright material.

    Good luck on your venture; I admire anyone who has the fortitude to follow through on something like this!
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    I have the SOPRANOS cookbook and a kitchen guide from readers Digest books. Everything else I get off the web or find in other places, like Angela Crocettis' ( Dean Martins mother) receipe for Pasta Fagioli (Pasta Fazool) was in Deana Martins book "Memories Are made of This"
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    I just bought a soup cook book...looks like fun. Easy recipes to follow. Just learned that Caprice...is pepper..

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