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Thread: Stephanie Plum / Anita Blake

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    Stephanie Plum / Anita Blake

    I can’t stop noticing the similarities between the books in these two series. Has anyone here read both of them?
    Well… first of all, both characters seem to be hard-headed to the point of stupidity (Steph I think, is just plain dumb); they both have a very hypocritical take on fidelity (Anita being just about ridiculous here); they both can’t decide between two guys who would make any smart woman run a mile in the opposite direction; they are like “absurd situations magnets” and, they seem to wake up in the morning thinking: “hmmm… so how could I get myself killed today?”.
    So I feel like, if you throw some vampires, crazy outfits and orgies here; or a crazy grandma, doughnuts and exploding cars there, you will have the same book.
    Another similarity between the series, in my opinion, is the way the quality of the books goes down as the number goes up. The repeating of the background story seems to cover most of the later books, and that is soooo annoying! Couldn’t the authors write like a little prologue in the beginning, to bring any new readers up to speed on the story, and them start an actually new book every time?! And, while Anita’s books seem to have become more about “how many men can we fit in this bed” than anything else, Stephanie’s stories became more and more ridiculous and less and less funny with every book.
    I don’t know… maybe I am just growing tired of this mindless read… I think I need a good dose of classics or something
    Again… this is just my opinion… but I would like to see what other readers think…

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    I don't know about the Stephanie Plum books--my mother reads them & continues to enjoy them, but I totally agree that the Anita Blake series is going downhill. I read the first six books in rapid succession and loved them. The last good one was Obsidian Butterfly. Then things went downhill fast. I picked up the last release last year, the first week it was out. I'm still on about page 35 because it is just so tedious. All this psychobabble and then erotica. If I wanted erotica, I'd got to that aisle, not the horror aisle.

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