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Thread: Eric Jerome Dickey

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    Eric Jerome Dickey

    I love Eric Jerome Dickey. He is a very good writer. I have read the following:

    Between Lovers
    Milk and my Coffee
    and I am in the middle of reading Friends and Lovers

    Has anyone else read his books? Tell me what you think of him and reviews of his other books.

    Please post.

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    Hi, Olivia!
    What a coincidence, Patricia. I just saw a flyer today that Jerome Dickey would be reading and signing in Birmingham either tonight or tomorrow.

    As I have attended author events for Jeffrey Deaver (Bone Collector), Philip Margolin (The Last Innocent Man) and Nelson Demille (The Lion's Game) and enjoyed myself, I had considered attending this one, even though I hadn't read any of his books.

    What do you like about Dickey's work?
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    I lover everything about Eric Jerome Dickey. He is a really good writer. He has a way of setting up the story really well that you feel like you in the book. He develops the characters so well that you feel like you know them. When something bad or sad happens to them you feel it too. I havent read all hs books yet but I plan to.

    My favorite book by him is, Between Lovers. It was really good. I suggest you to read it. All of his books at that.

    One thing I don't like about his books are that he mentions other characters from other books inside the story. For example in, Liar's Game Vince needed a real estate agent and someone recommended Jordan Greene which is the main character in Milk in MY Coffee. NOt cool. BUt other than that, he's really good.

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    I love Jerome Dickey, I have read all his books, I love Milk in my coffee

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