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Thread: Make a book recommendation

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    Re: Make a book recommendation

    I'd recommend the Amber series by Roger Zelazny. It contains 11 books in the series and easy reading. The first five books are about the older generation and the last combine that with their children. None of the novels is overly long, usually between 200 - 400 pages for each. They combine fanstasy, family feuds, some historical fiction with characters you may have run into in classical novels as well as the ongoing battle between Order and Chaos. It definitely includes various kinds of magic and it creates it own universe.

    I've read the whole series several times and I always enjoy it. The only problem is they are not available on Kindle, but I have seen some information on audio books. They are not easy to find anymore, but Amazon does have them.
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    Re: Make a book recommendation

    On the subject of whether vaccinations are effective, I highly recommend Suzanne Humphries' extremely well researched and documented book, "Dissolving Illusions". Many vaccines were developed after mortality rates had practically bottomed out following significant improvements in sanitation and nutrition. The downward curve in mortality rate was unaffected by introduction of the vaccine except to the extent deaths increased in some of the diseases after a vaccination program was implemented. Smallpox, whooping cough, diphtheria, measles and others. It's also an awesome history of the deplorable living conditions were were all subject to until fairly recently. I'm rather more appreciative now of my current standard of living and the need to eat well.
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    Re: Make a book recommendation

    Just finished a fascinating murder mystery that is also a touching story of two sisters and thier relationship with their father, a homicide cop in the late 70s. Titled, After Her by Joyce Maynard.

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    Re: Make a book recommendation

    I read James Herriot's books years ago, starting with "All Creatures Great and Small." The books are about his life as a country vet.

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    Re: Make a book recommendation

    If you want to read a survivor's memoir, can I suggest mine? A Ghost No More, available as paperback everywhere, but as an ebook only through Amazon.

    I wrote Ghost No More because I know what it feels like not to have hope. I want to connect, validate and encourage people who've overcome or are trying to overcome abuse in their life. I wrote it because I have been swallowed by pain, confusion, and fear, and I don't want anyone in that place to stand alone. I don't have a magic wand to make anyone feel better, I just have my story.

    I wrote it because for so long I was told it was just me, my fault, if only I could be better, or change, or different, then someone would love me. Those "if only's..." ruled me, and I tried so hard to live by them. I know the failure of failed relationships no matter how hard I tried to be different or make it work.

    I wrote it to remind everyone who reads my words..... You aren't what someone has ever said about you that's negative.

    Thanks for letting me share.
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    Re: Make a book recommendation

    Oh hornet7...
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    Count your blessings!

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