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Thread: What Books you read the ending for...

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    I can read the last paragraph of A River Runs Through It any time and get goose bumps ("I am haunted by waters"). Gatsby has a great ending too. I'm talking about the writing, not necessarily the actual story in both cases.
    I make a point of not reading ahead in any book. I hate having the plot spoiled for me. Sometimes I even have to cover up the facing page to avoid reading ahead unintentionally! I find that if I know how the story ends, I'm less interested in what happens to get to the ending.
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    I dont often read the ending of many books unless it looks REALLY good!

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    I always read the ending of books usually for one of two reasons:

    1 -- I just have to know how the book ends -- otherwise I'm going to go nuts and I want to make sure things turn out the way I want them to turn out.

    2 -- The book is boring and I want to see if the ending is worth slogging through it. If the ending is too predictable or stupid then I can just scan a few chapters in the middle and call it done.

    I also hate being in suspense and I get WAY to attached to characters is books. I actually yell at characters in books when I think their being stupid and I have been known to sob for several minutes when a character dies.

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