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Thread: Any Tim Dorsey fans?

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    Any Tim Dorsey fans?

    This guy's a hoot. I read Triggerfish Twist a while back and really enjoyed his witty, slightly satirical writing style. I just finished Cadillac Beach, which had me at times. I know there are a few other books in this series (which revolves around his smart-yet-violent anti-hero, Serge Storms) that I haven't read yet.

    If you're looking for a quick, funny, fast-paced read, I recommend Tim Dorsey.

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    Sluggo, I have personally read all of Tim Dorsey's books except Cadillac Beach (I bought it a few days ago haven gotten to it yet) After reading Triggerfish Twist (also my 1st), I was hooked.

    And how can you not love Serge, although a little deranged, you have to admit that all of his victims deserve it (most of the time anyway) and that he is soooooo creative about it. Keep reading...all the books have his same warped humor. Makes you wonder where he gets this stuff!!

    Nice to see another Dorsey fan
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    Ilikai recommended this guy to me and i have done nothing but laugh as i read these books. the embarrassing part is i am reading them at work. I have done cadillac beach, florida road kill and working on hammerhead ranch hotel.
    you have got to love serge, an evil hero but still what a life he lives........makes me want to go back to florida nd re-explore the state again.

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    I can't wait for the next one to come out. If you like Tim, you should check out Carl Hiaason too. Michael McClelland is another one. He has two books out .... Oyster Blues and Tattoo Blues.
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