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Thread: Does anyone read Urban Fiction novels?

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    Does anyone read Urban Fiction novels?

    The best Urban Fiction publication is Triple Crown Publications. All of their books are good.
    1. Gangsta
    2. Me and My Boyfriend
    3. Black
    4. Let That Be the Reason
    5. Road Dawgs
    6. A Project Chick
    7. Grimey
    8. Blinded
    9. Shiesty
    10. The Game

    If you have ever read any of these books. Tell about how you liked them or disliked them.
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    I love Triple Crown ! I am a fanatic . Let that be the reason was very good but I did not particularly like Blinded therefore I never read Grimey. Have you ever read A hustlers Wife by Nikki Turner. She is by far my favorite author of urban fiction.

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