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Thread: Clive Cussler?

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    Dirk Pitt novels


    You can tell your brother to just jump in with any of the Dirk Pitt novels--they follow a consistent formula: historical-based prelude which tells the backstory of whatever artifact Dirk will encounter/search for later, then jumps to modern day where some menance is introduced, and then Dirk Pitt enters the story usually encountering the main female character! Cussler is really good about reintroducing each of the supporting characters (Al Giordino, Rudi Gunn, Hiram Yaeger, etc) in each story. Since each story is resolved by the end of the book (ala Beverly Hills 90210 episodes), there isn't much risk of being confused by going out of order. I would recommend saving Vallaha Rising, Trojan Odyssey and Black Wind for after all of the other books are finished since there are two new characters introduced which breaks the formula.

    If he is determined to plow through all of the books, he also may be interested in "Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt Revealed" which is basically an encylopedia of all of the characters throughout all of the stories up to 1998.

    For any stickler's out there for reading books chronologically in order, here it is (for the Dirk Pitt novels only):
    -Pacific Vortex
    -Mediterranean Caper
    -Raise the Titanic
    -Vixen 03
    -Night Probe
    -Deep Six
    -Inca Gold
    -Flood Tide
    -Atlantis Found
    -Valhalla Rising
    -Trojan Odyssey
    -Black Wind


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    I just saw that he is coming out with a new Kurt Austin book at the end of August, Polar Shift.

    Polar shift: It is the name for a phenomenon that may have occurred many times in the past. At the very least, it disorients birds and animals and damages electrical equipment. At its worst, it causes massive eruptions, earthquakes, and climatic changes. At its very worst, it would mean the obliteration of all living matter, and if that happens-exit Earth.

    Sixty years ago, an eccentric Hungarian genius discovered how to artificially trigger such a shift, but then his work was lost, or so it was thought. Now, the charismatic leader of an anti-globalization group plans to use the work to give the world's industrialized nations a small jolt, then reverse the shift back again. The only problem is, it cannot be reversed. Once the shift starts, there is nothing anyone can do about it.

    Austin, Zavala, and the rest of the NUMA Special Assignments Team certainly have faced dire situations before, but never have they encountered anything like this. This time . . . even they may be too late.

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