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Thread: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on July 16

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    I'm thrilled to hear, but I sure wish it was coming out earlier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Axeljoe
    I was so glad that she released this before Christmas. It was highly speculated that she'd release the date the book is comming out on December 25, but since she did it earlier, I was able to get in the Christmas spirit, becuase she gave us an early present. haha
    I don't know if that sounds cheesy, or pathetic (seeing how I'm 22, and am excited about a kid's book), but I don't care
    I am 34 and I am EXTREMELY excited! Harry!
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    I was so happy when I heard about this on the news. Wow. I've been waiting for this book since the second I finished the fifth book!

    I'm pre-ordering!

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    Count down ... over 6 months to go.

    Last time my hubby embarked on the quest for the Order of the Phoenix ... and I spent the night reading it from cover to cover, only to sleep and re read it all the next day!

    I've already reread all of them again, and will probably do so 3 or 4 more times before this one comes out.
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    *tries to build a time machine to get to the future*
    I can't wait that long !! .. I'm a harry potter junkie

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    *Must be geeky and show HP support*


    I've known for weeks now, but honestly, I always get excited when I hear people talking about it. Ha.

    The bad thing about this though is that after the 6th there'll be only one left. Not good. *Shakes head*

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    I Cannot Wait Until That Book Comes Out! Ia M Going To Be The First Person On Line In Forn Of Barnes And Noble When It Does! Who's With Me?!

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    Please don't post in all caps. Use your shift key to capitalize when necessary.

    I'm excited for the new book, and even more excited for the new movie. Goblet of Fire was my favourite book, so hopefully they won't mess it up too bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duckgirl
    I'm excited for the new book, and even more excited for the new movie. Goblet of Fire was my favourite book, so hopefully they won't mess it up too bad.
    I can't wait to see what they do with this movie. I'm hoping it's not too far off from the book. But you have to take into consideration that the book was over 700 pages long, and it'll be hard to cram all of the good stuff into two hours.

    I've never pre-ordered a book before. If I went to say, Amazon.com, and ordered, will the book arrive on the release date or how does that work?

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    We pre ordered at Barnes and Noble yesterday but to have it delivered to the store.

    I was told by Barnes and Noble that if it was delivered to the home it would arrive during the first week, but they would not guarantee a day. Not sure how Amazon would do it.
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