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Thread: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on July 16

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    Thanks! That site has A LOT of forums and info!!

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    I just finished reading this book this morning. I was wondering, do you have any spoilers for the next book? Does Harry really die? BTW, WHat is the next book's title? IS IT REALLY Harry Potter and the wizard's sleeve or something? Is Harry really gonna die? Does anyone have OFFICIAL spoilers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gabriel
    We will need to let it go and move on. But by doing this, JK has assured Harry Potters' place in literature history, and the best thing anyone can do is end something when it is extremely popular, such as a book series, tv series, movie series to guarantee popularity forever.
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    Does anyone have any spoilers on the plot of the next episode?

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    i've been wanting some spoilers for the next book. someone post some TRUE ones!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SassyStarr View Post
    Click to see Spoiler:
    he might actually die in Book 7. I agree that it's sending a wrong message that (and I quote chesara again) "the only way good can pervail over evil is for good to be sacrificed."
    It's depressing to me actually.... I do wish she changes her mind if that's the case
    You must be kidding.
    Click to see Spoiler:
    I don't want Harry to die

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    Rowling's Mother's Death Led Her to Make Harry Suffer

    I wasn't exactly sure where to put this: a separate thread in BOOKS, a separate thread in CURRENT EVENTS or to just tag it onto this thread. Mods: Move it at your will.


    Tearful British author J. K. Rowling revealed that her mother's death as she created her hugely successful Harry Potter character led her to make the boy wizard an orphan, in an interview published Tuesday.
    Joanne Kathleen Rowling was 25 when her mother died aged 45 after a 10-year battle with multiple sclerosis - just as she was sketching out early versions of the Harry Potter novels which transformed her into one of Britain's richest women.

    Part of the 40-year-old's agony is knowing that her mother never saw her meteoric rise to success. Rowling's literary agent said in October that the Potter series had sold more than 300 million copies worldwide.

    "I know I was writing Harry Potter at the moment my mother died. I had never told her about Harry Potter," she told Tatler magazine, in an article printed in condensed form in The Daily Telegraph.

    "I was alternately a wreck and then in total denial," she said, weeping.

    "Barely a day goes by when I do not think of her. There would be so much to tell her, impossibly much."

    Her mother's condition led her to make Potter suffer the death of his parents, said the article, adding that she was open about her greatest fear being of a loved one dying.

    "My books are largely about death. They open with the death of Harry's parents. We're all frightened of it," she said.

    Rowling has spent much of the past decade writing about the adventures of Potter and his friends at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

    Now she is penning the eagerly-anticipated seventh and final instalment, with its plot the subject of much speculation.

    The final chapter is already written and is locked away in her safe, the article said.

    Her anaesthetist husband Neil Murray may be the only one to have been told the plot for the final Potter novel - not that he's likely to tell anyone.

    "Neil is the only one I can talk to about what happens because he instantly forgets," she said.

    Rowling has also finished some short stories and a new children's book she describes as a political fairy tale, aimed at children younger than those addicted to Potter.

    "I haven't even told my publisher about this," she said.

    Rowling spoke of her struggle to cope with the "enormous pressure" of fame.

    "I was petrified and didn't know how to handle it," she said, saying she felt isolated well before becoming famous.

    Estimates of her wealth have topped £500 million (€730 million, $885 million).

    The Potter novels have been translated into 63 languages. The first four have also been made into blockbuster films.
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    Don't kill Harry Potter, authors urge Rowling


    Don't kill Harry Potter, authors urge Rowling
    By Claudia Parsons Tue Aug 1, 1:14 PM ET
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Two of America's top authors, John Irving and Stephen King, made a plea to J.K. Rowling on Tuesday not to kill the fictional boy wizard Harry Potter in the final book of the series, but Rowling made no promises.

    "My fingers are crossed for Harry," Irving said at a joint news conference before a charity reading by the three writers at New York's Radio City Music Hall.

    The author of "The World According to Garp" and a string of other bestsellers said he and King felt like "warm-up bands" for Rowling, who is working on the seventh and last book in the Harry Potter series, and who has said two characters will die.

    King, who shot to fame in 1974 with "Carrie," said he had confidence that Rowling would be "fair" to her hero.

    "I don't want him to go over the Reichenbach Falls," King said in a reference to Arthur Conan Doyle's effort to kill off the character of fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. Pressure from fans eventually led Conan Doyle to resurrect Holmes, who was found in a later story to have survived.

    Rowling, a Briton whose books have sold 300 million copies worldwide according to her publishers, said she was well into the process of writing the final book.

    "I feel quite liberated," she said.

    "I can resolve the story now and it's fun in a way it wasn't before because finally I've reached my resolution, and I think some people will loathe it and some people will love it, but that's how it should be."

    "We're working toward the end I always planned but a couple of characters I expected to survive have died and one character got a reprieve," she said, declining to elaborate.

    Asked about the wisdom of killing off fictional characters, Rowling said she didn't enjoy killing the major character who died in book six -- for the sake of those who haven't read it yet she avoided naming the victim -- but she said the conventions of the genre demanded the hero go on alone.

    "I understand why an author would kill a character from the point of view of not allowing others to continue writing after the original author is dead," she added, leaving the door open to the worst fears of some fans -- that Harry could die.

    King recalled that when he had a character kick a dog to death in his novel "Dead Zone" he received more letters of complaint than ever, to his surprise.

    "You want to be nice and say 'I'm sorry you didn't like that,' but I'm thinking to myself number one, he was a dog not a person, and number two, the dog wasn't even real," he said.

    "I made that dog up, it was a fake dog, it was a fictional dog, but people get very, very involved," King said.

    Rowling noted that Irving had killed off many more characters than she had.

    "When fans accuse me of sadism, which doesn't happen that often, I feel I'm toughening them up to go on and read John and Stephen's books," she said. "I think they've got to be toughened up somehow. It's a cruel literary world out there."


    I can't wait for the next book, but I am scared to read it also. I am still upset about the character that died in the last book!
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