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Thread: He's Just Not That Into You

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    Sometimes a person may not think that advice is not being taken and used, but there may be parts of it being used. I have found out though when it comes to relationships, very few people really take anyones advice to heart.

    just my opinion
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    Caught the Oprah re-run today - I'm not a chick-lit kinda gal, so I'd never heard of it. As far as I can tell, the book may be a good comic read (it sounded more like a parody of a self-help book to me). The author, Greg, came off as rather flippant in his advice to the women in the audience - one woman, for instance, had a new male acquaintance who she went jogging with and who called and/or emailed her every day. This apparently had been going on for weeks and he hadn't asked her out yet. He gave her the stock he's-not-into-you answer, which I personally found to be off the mark - my now-husband took weeks to actually ask me out and didn't even ask for my phone number until the second date. He was just plain shy.

    The SITC episode was classic, though. MY advice would be to watch the reruns and forget the book.
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    Bill is completely right. After a certain age (and 30 sounds about right) guys will not play games and will be straightforward in their actions. What they do is what they think. Before 30, shyness and high dating scene activity will account for some guys not being completely straightforward with the girls they meet prior to an actual relationship. Once the relationship gets going though, again - they will be straightforward with their actions.
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