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Thread: Any Henry Miller fans out there?

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    Any Henry Miller fans out there?

    For me, theres no better reading pleasure than Henry Miller.

    Downright weird and hard to figure out...but for sheer insanity, theres none better..

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    I've never read any Henry Miller. I thought you probably meant Arthur Miller, but I went to MSN search and lo and behold - there IS a Henry Miller.
    I'm a voracious reader and I like books that are a little off - kilter. Start me off - can you recommend a good starting point?

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    I have Tropic of Cancer and Crazy Cock...I'd say you should start off with Tropic of Cancer, it's his most famous novel I think. He also wrote Tropic of Capricorn, Sexus, Nexus, Plexus, and The Colossus of Maroussi.

    He's also known for his (in)famous affair with the French writer Anais Nin--well, him and his wife. They even made a movie about it some time ago called Henry & June (Uma Thurman is quite babely in it).

    His writing is sort of in the category of really rough and tumble masculine fiction, like Hemingway or Norman Mailer. He really sought to break out of the conventions of the time--conventions of fiction, society, and even sexuality. He was a very free thinker, though in my opinion, a wee bit nihilistic. Excellent writer, though, he has a very thrilling capacity for language. Not for the faint of heart though!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    I've actually been very curious about Henry Miller, I've never gotten around to reading him, but this thread reminded me. I"m always into weird and "insane" writings like this... there is a Norwegian author who I've read a lot from whose works have been compared to Henry Miller, and his are bizarre and sometimes downright disturbing...

    Is "Tropic of Cancer" the best one to start with then? (Guess I'll be taking a trip down to the bookstore in near future :-))

    To those of you who like Miller & feel brave, you might wanna try out the Norwegian author I mentioned (I know some of his works have been translated into English). His name is "Jens Bjorneboe" & his most scandalous work that was indeed compared to Henry Miller was called "Without a Stitch" (originally "Uten en traad") . He originally published it anonymously and the book was banned for a long time in Norway.

    It's odd, weird, sexually explorative & makes no sense to most people, but I liked it

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