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Thread: John Grisham novels

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    The Broker was really different from his usuals but it doesn't lose that John Grisham touch, it wasn't his best but definately a must read for all John Grisham fans. But embarressingly it took me two weeks to read it .. *hangs head in shame* ..

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    [COLOR=SeaGreen]My favourite John Grisham was The Testament - my mum said Bleachers was weird - so I haven't read it yet. King of Torts was a return to his great self and I want to read The Broker. I enjoy reading his stuff immensely.

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    I just finished reading "Bleachers". I enjoyed it even though it wasn't the same genre as his other books. It was a pretty good story.

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    Painted house I thought was very good.
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    It's funny for me to find this topic because a couple years back I read Grisham's "The Rainmaker" and enjoyed it. At the time I read it I had no idea there was a movie made from it..and funny enough last night I caught it on TV..it star Matt Damon..it followed the novel pretty closely, but typically I liked the book more so! Anyone else read it?

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    I would recommend The Painted House to those who are Grisham fans. It is a bit different from his normal offerings.
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