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Thread: The Third Chronicles of Thomas Covenant (spoilers!)

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    The Third Chronicles of Thomas Covenant (spoilers!)

    From Publishers Weekly:

    Unbroken Covenant: Penguin Announces New Donaldson

    Stephen R. Donaldson, creator of the fantasy classic Chronicles of Thomas Covenant series, whose last volume appeared 20 years ago, will conclude it with a final four novels, in a deal just made with Putnam.

    The house's editorial director, Jennifer Hershey, bought North American rights to the new quartet from agent Howard Morhaim and will publish the first of them, The Runes of Earth, next fall, with a Berkley paperback to follow in 2005. Movie rights have also been optioned by producers Marc Gordon and Peter Winther, and U.K. rights have been picked up by Orion. The initial six books in the series, published between 1977 and 1983, sold more than six million copies. -John Baker (Publishers Weekly)
    Man, I love the first 6...particularly the 2nd 3. I know many don't and find Covenant a despicable human being and the books boring. I personally like them more than Tolkein.

    Book titles:
    The Runes of the Earth
    Fatal Revenant
    Shall Pass Utterly
    The Last Dark

    Excerpt of article (spoilered):
    Click to see Spoiler:
    He said that the 1st Chronicles were the "muscle" books where Lord Foul is akin to Hitler forging armies and A-bombs to ruin his enemies and break his prison. In the 2nd Chronicles Foul's method is an attack on the natural order of things. But in the 3rd Chronicles Foul's final means of escape will consist of a massive attack on and corruption OF TIME ITSELF!!!!!!!!

    Full Article with spoilers

    Can't wait!

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