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Thread: Stephen King books made into movies

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    Another vote for Bag of Bones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Great Pyr
    You're probably right...it's way old news. I still think it was King's best
    book and deserved better treatment than that mini series.
    King himself was involved in the making of the Stand and
    if I'm not mistaken even had a say (if not the final say) as to which actors he wanted.

    My favourite book, but didn't like the movie as much. Mainly because of the actors chosen to play the characters.
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    I enjoyed the book The Stand but thought that the movie, even with it's great cast, was less than average.

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    I stopped reading SK after The Stand. It gave me nightmares for weeks! I loved the movies Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile (although that one required several boxes of tissues and a break sobbing in the bathroom).

    Darn this too vivid imagination of mine!

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    I'm actually watching Kingdom Hospital on ABC Wednesday nights. >.+

    I think the movie version of Carrie's scarier than the book. That's just me.

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    Carrie was his first book, and it's interesting to see how unpolished it is compared to his later works. I would agree that the movie was more frightening.
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    Quick question. If you guys read a Stephen King book - would you go and the see the movie and vice versa?? I watched Misery then I read the book and basically found the film wasn't good as I thought it was since the book was more detailed and gory. Also, I already knew what was happening so reading the book wasn't that exciting. However it was good I could put a face to the characters when reading the book though.
    Reason why I ask is that I got 'Pet Sematary' and haven't read the book or seen the movie. I'm chicken s**t when it comes to watching horror films yet I can read horror books. However, I just read 'Everything's Eventual' from SK and found the short stories really disappointing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ravs
    Quick question. If you guys read a Stephen King book - would you go and the see the movie and vice versa?? I watched Misery then I read the book and basically found the film wasn't good as I thought it was since the book was more detailed and gory. Also, I already knew what was happening so reading the book wasn't that exciting.
    I ALWAYS read the book before seeing the movie. If for nothing else, it is the factor of time wasted. If one is going to spoil the other, i would rather have the 2 hour movie spoiled for me than the enjoyment of the 14 hour book reading. Many times good directors will also put information in movies that only make sense if you read the book. Maybe it is just something like flowers on a table. Say in the book there was a big scene about picking the flowers, they don't include that scene in the movie, but as a shout out to those who have read the book they are prominently placed in a different scene.

    I also find that since you only have 2 hours to get across complex plots there isn't enough time in movies to properly develop characters. This has always been kings biggest hurdle in his books being turned into movies. King is all about characters. He creates such vivid, multi dimensional characters, that when the monsters finale start creeping out of the basement, you have an emotional attachment to them, and care if they get eaten. You just don't have time for that in a movie. Movies almost always start with the monster coming out of the basement. Without the character development, you don't care if they get eaten or not. Reading the book before hand gives you the complete character as you watch the movie.

    Finally I never have bought this premise of "The book was better than the movie". Books will always be better than movies. Books give the time for proper plot and character development. They work on so many more levels than movies. They are completely different mediums, and i don't think it is fair to film in general to compare them to books. It is just not an even playing field. There are certainly better adaptations of books into movies than others. That is what should be compared, then it is comparing movies to movies, not apples to oranges.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy
    He does it so much those quotes get into *my* head.
    Scary, huh? When I'm done reading reading one of his books... I find I'm thinking in the same kind of prose style he uses to write his books. It kind of disturbs me. But he has such a fluent, fast kind of writing that sticks with me.

    I think Carrie is the best movie by far of the King movies. The Stand had a great cast... but I was really disappointed by the casting of Rob Lowe as Nick. I imagined someone a little less generically handsome in that role.
    And speaking of King books that end horribly, how about the Stand? "Do people ever change?" or something like that. Loved the book otherwise, but that last line was terrible.

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    I loved the Shawshank Redemption and the Green Mile (I agree with a previous poster that that particular movie required several boxes of Kleenex for me and to this day I can't look at Michael Clark Duncan without saying "John Coffey...like the drink only spelled different")
    I guess I'm in the minority here because I happened to love the TV mini series on "The Stand". True, I loved the book alot but I did enjoy the mini-series. I loved Jamey Sheridan as the sexy bad guy and the guy who played on "Coach" who was the retard ("M-O-O-N moon").
    Salem's Lot is another one of my absolute faves and as crazy as it sounds, "Christine" scared the absolute bejesus out of me. When I read that book, we lived WAAY out in the boonies, with alot of twisting roads and woods and very little traffic and coming home from work late at night, I would spook the hell out of myself if I happened to come across another car on the road and its an absolute miracle that I didn't kill myself driving like a stark raving lunatic trying to get away from the supposed "killer car" that was tailing me. Stephen King has a way of getting inside of your head..even if you KNOW it can't happen, you always have that little wiggle of self doubt in your mind...THAT'S what Stephen King feeds on!!! Damn his hide!!!!
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