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Thread: John M Coetzee - Nobel Laureate in Literature 2003

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    John M Coetzee - Nobel Laureate in Literature 2003

    Today was the day of the Nobel prize award fesitvities, so it's been on the radio here in Sweden all day. Until it was announced that J.M Coetzee was the winner of the literature prize, I hadn't heard of him, but after listening to his lecture, interviews on the radio, plus some reading on the web I think that I might actually be interested to read some of his works.
    (He is said to be influenced by Kafka - one of my favourite authors - so he must be good, no?!)

    Just curious, has anyone read anything by him?

    Here are a couple of good links I found: University of Chicago (where he is currently a guest professor).

    Guardian Unlimited (where you can also find a link to his Nobel prize lecture). (Here is the lecture live.)

    On a side note, from the UoC:
    Seventy-five Nobel Laureates have been faculty members, students or researchers at the University of Chicago at some point in their careers. Twelve have won the Nobel Prize in the last decade alone.
    Seven Laureates are currently members of the faculty: John M. Coetzee (Literature, 2003), James Heckman (Economic Sciences, 2000), Robert Lucas (Economic Sciences, 1995), Robert Fogel (Economic Sciences, 1993), Gary Becker (Economic Sciences, 1992), Ronald Coase (Economic Sciences, 1991) and James Cronin (Physics, 1980).
    Rather impressive, I'd say!
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