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Thread: Favorite Children's Book?

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    Re: Favorite Children's Book?

    As a child/teen, I loved the E. Nesbitt books, especially Five Children and It which I recently introduced to my 13 yr old daughter by way of the movie. She loved it and now I am going to get a library copy for her.

    I also remember loving The Thyme Garden by Edward Eager and Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley and Me, Elizabeth by E.L. Konigsburg.

    Great books!
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    Re: Favorite Children's Book?

    Trixie Belden! I loved those books. Also read all the Little House series and a bit of Nancy Drew, but tired of them quickly.

    We didn't have a lot of books in our house, and living in the country the library wasn't always accessable, so I found myself reading a lot of older highschool books that my siblings would bring home when I was a kid.

    I read To Kill A Mockingbird when I was 11, and loved it so much I read it 4 more times before I hit highschool. I also ended up reading a bit of Shakespeare and I remember really liking "The Tempest" and I also enjoyed Shaw's "Saint Joan". Also Norton anthologies and poetry books.

    Ugh. That sounds really sad... I wish I had some "Junie B. Jones" when I was little!

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    Re: Favorite Children's Book?

    I loved Trixie Belden too. They are being re-published and are available at bookstores. I also loved the "Encylopedia Brown" series. Harriet The Spy was also a favorite of mine. My Mom is a retired librarian and my grandmother was an elementary school teacher for over 40 years. They exposed me to great books and taught me to read when I was four. I can't think of a better gift.
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    Re: Favorite Children's Book?

    I just came across this thread, and reading through it definitely jogged my memory.

    Have to start with the Ramona books--my teacher read Ramona the Pest for us in class. Prior to that, I had no interest in reading. Loved the book so much that I asked my mom to get it, re-read it cover to cover, and for about the next five years after that, you couldn't get my nose out of a book.

    Anything by Ann M. Martin- Babysitters Club, Little Sister, and some of the others that she wrote.
    Judy Blume
    Roald Dahl (especially the BFG)
    Patrica Reilly Giff (the Polk Street School books)
    Laura Ingalls Wilder
    The Boxcar Children
    American Girls books
    Sweet Valley Twins/Sweet Valley High

    And when my parents were still reading to me:
    Goodnight Moon
    The Dr. Seuss books
    Pat the Bunny
    Others, I think, but I can't remember.

    My mom used to read The Polar Express to us at Christmas, and she'd wear a bell on a red cord when she read it to us. And I'll always love The Night Before Christmas.

    And Harry Potter, but I was pretty old so I don't know if I consider it a children's book.

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    Re: Favorite Children's Book?

    My favorite read aloud children's book is Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready For Kindergarten by Joseph Slate. The story is cute, but the illustrations are INCREDIBLE! It's about a teacher, who is a wolf, getting ready for her students, who are also assorted animals, for the first day of school.

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    Re: Favorite Children's Book?

    Does anyone remember a book called "Parsley"? Someone from my church was telling me about it today. It's about a hunter trying to hunt a deer (The deer's name is Parsley) and is standing on the edge of a cliff and is knocked off the cliff by a tree. It sounds weird but this book actually existed and I'm trying to find out who the author was.
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    Re: Favorite Children's Book?

    I always love "The Boxcar Children" series of books....Tales of the 4th grade nothing...Are you there, God, Its me Margaret....If you give a Mouse a Cookie?....and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

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    Re: Favorite Children's Book?

    *Parsley* was written by Ludwig Bemelmans and is available on Amazon.com

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    Re: Favorite Children's Book?

    Babar (still have my original with my scribbles in the margin trying to copy the words)
    The Happy Hollisters series (kind of like the Hardy Boys family)
    Tom Swift series (a cross between Johnny Quest and James Bond)

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    Re: Favorite Children's Book?

    I remember reading

    The Pookey Little Puppy
    All Dr. Seuess
    All Judy Blume
    Encyclopida Brown Series
    Sweet Valley High
    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    Little House on the Prarie Series

    will add on if I can remember any more!

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