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Thread: Fantasy!

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    First few books of Anne Rice vampire series...I can't keep going after Tale of the Body Thief. I liked the first two, especially the Vampire Lestat, but now I'm bored.
    I never could get through Tale of the Body Thief, either, but I recently read Blackwood Farm and that one was really good...

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    I mostly read fantasy

    disc world by Terry Pratchett ( a nod to nausicaa) great humor!

    The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks

    The Garrett Files (all the titles have a "metal" in them) or the Black Company by Glen Cook

    The Blue Moon Rising and all the "Hawk and Fisher" series by Simon R. Green

    Myth series by Robert asprin

    the Xanth series by Piers Anthony

    just to name a few

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    I have read quite a bit fantasy, and I can't stand Robert Jordan. My husband is however a big fan of The Wheel of Time series, but even he said the last two books have been getting too slow... boring is what I say. Jordan doesn't seem to get anywhere with his story.

    One author I would recommend is Guy Gavriel Kay, I really do like his books a lot. You can search for titles like 'Tigana', 'Lions of Al-Rassan' or 'A Song for Arbonne'

    Also, 'Game of Thrones' by George R.R. Martin is good, it is part of a series.

    And I quite liked the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind, I have not read all 8 yet, but at least the first few were very entertaining.
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    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MHayes62
    Although Id have to say my favorite Piers Anthony series is the incarnations of immortality, .
    I liked those too, they were fun to read, I simply had to read them all after reading the first one
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I loved the Shannara series, especially the first one, and Ive just started the Disc World series by Pratchett. I can't believe it's taken my all this time to pick that one up. I'm also not a big Jordan fan.
    I'm also not a big fan of Stephen R. Donaldson. I read Mirror of Her Dreams, and A Man Rides Through and enjoyed them, but have yet to get into much else he's written, and i've tried several.
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    some more to read

    Isaac Asimov, the robot series

    Rick Cook, the wizard series

    John De Chancie, The Castle series

    Gordon R. Dickson, The Dragon and the George series

    Alan Dean Foster, just about everything he has ever wrote!

    Craig Shaw Gardner, a variety of books

    Harry Harrison, The Stainless Steel Rat series

    James P. Hogan, The giants star is a good start. he writes excellant...one of my favorite authors

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    You might try the "Thomas Covenant" books by Stephen R. Donaldson.

    I love them, but lots of people don't because Covenant is not a likeable hero. The second three are the best...a much more mature work.

    If you like Card (his sci-fi in particular) try "Treason". Amazing book. I liked the first 3 Alvin books. He should have stopped there.


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    The only fantasy series I ever really cared for was Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality. Very, very cool (I even named my cat after one of the characters, lol) - so if this non-fantasy fan liked these books anyone will.
    I never really thought of Anne Rice as fantasy, but personally I never got into the vampire stories - IMO, the trilogy of the Mayfair Witches is much better, especially the 1st book (The Witching Hour).
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    I read SF a while but have been more into non-fiction lately,
    but there was some that I found more unconventional that were interesting.

    It was mentioned, but I will mention it again as the best I have read recently:

    George R. R. Martin's
    "A Song of Ice and Fire"
    you can probably get it in libraries now.


    He's not afraid to kill off or mutilate his main characters,
    so you never know what's coming, that makes his style
    (Unlike most SF where the hero/heroin always lives, i.e. Dragonlance)

    I luckily have avoided Robert Jordan's tomes for Wheel of Time,
    but I haplessly fed myself the 1000+ pages of Battlefield Earth one time.

    The Thomas Covenant books by Steven Donaldson are very different because the "hero" is an "anti-hero", a pretty unlikable guy.

    Guy Gavriel Kay's Tigana is different Fantasy too.

    Also some people like Michael Moorcock's Elric Saga. I wasn't as enamored.

    I was interested in medieval battles and found this by a starting author
    The Jackal of Nar, Book One of Tyrants and Kings (of 3)
    by John Marco
    probably all 3 are in libraries too now.
    Its characters were flawed and the battle scenes were different
    (flame throwers, poison gas in medieval castle sieges? ) and magic was subtle.

    If you want into more Science side of things instead of pure Fantasy,
    I liked Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars by
    Kim Stanley Robinson

    But if you really want to know about Mars,
    read the non-fiction, especially Robert Zubrin's Entering Space
    and Case for Mars and First Landing.

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    One of my all time fav series is The Chronicles of Narnia. It is written by CS Lewis who was friends with J.R.R. Tolkien. It is a fabulous story much like the LOTR w/fantasy characters and places. Great for adults and to read to your kids. I read them first in the 5-9th grade. Then again as an adult and I got a whole different story from them.

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