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Thread: John Saul

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    John Saul

    If you haven't read John Saul you are totally missing out. He is better than all the "big" writers. Better than King and Koontz. Check out his site at www.johnsaul.com

    His books are fantastic. His best? So hard to choose. The early ones are good. Try Punish the Sinners and Nightshade. Two can't put them down books............
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    Realizing the original thread is 3 years old, I felt the need to give a "shout" to John Saul. I can't honestly say I favor him over Dean Koontz but do like him just the same. One thing about Saul is the fact that the majority of his books (at least the earlier ones) echo similarities, but overall, they're a nice change of pace. Still yet, I need to unpack all of my books and see about getting them a cozy shelf to sit upon while making note of the titles I do have.

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