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Thread: What is your favorite mystery series/hero?

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    Thanks for all of the recomendations

    I love JD Robb and Janet Evanovich as well. Tony Hillerman, Kathy Reichs, Rex Stout, Sir Arthur Conen Doyle, Agatha........yes, yes, yes love them all!Can't wait to read every book on this forum list.

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    Most of the books I read are thriller/mystey/detective ones. And most have already been mentioned in this thread. However I do also enjoy some of the english writers. Dick Francis, who always has a horse racing/jockey type of theme and Martina Cole who sets hers around the London underworld/cops.

    Zerbinet, the Elizabeth Chase series sounds interesting. It doesn't appear to be widely available in Australia, so might have to visit Amazon for a look see *grin*

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    I Just got into mysteries a bit more lately and after going through all of Gregory McDonalds Fletch, Flynn and Skyler series,I also found Tim Dorsey, Mike McClelland, and Carl Hiasson. The last three authors all have stories taking place in Florida, where I used to live for 15 years
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    My Favourites in the mystery/thriller genre are anything by (in no particular order): Agatha Christie, Elizabeth George, Dick Francis, Jonathon Kellerman, James Patterson, Ngaio Marsh, and Jeffrey Deaver. I generally read them regardless of who the particular major cahracter is, although with Patterson I prefer the Alex Cross series and with Jeffrey Deaver I prefer both the Lincoln Rhyme and Rune series.


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    I ditto the Anne Perry mysteries and Agatha is one of my earliest mystery books. I'm also absolutely crazy about Roarke and enjoy Eve Dallas by Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb. Sigh. Nice to know there are others who fall in love with him! I mostly love either a female detective and/or historical mysteries - I think they're usually pen names but Robin Paige leaps to mind. These take place in the Regency Era or thereabouts!

    Lately, I'm discovering and enjoying a hilarious new-to-me-author (I gobble books like some people do snacks- totally addicted and couldn't get through a day without one of various genres!) - anyway, Tamar Myers has written 9 totally funny mysteries where the meddler...ahem...detective is Abigail Washburn, a wacky ultra-Southern lady who solves crimes and causes all sorts of mishaps. Love her! All the titles are puns, too! Like "Tiles and Tribulations" - can't wait to grab more of them at the library!

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    first off wow!

    I found several fellow Trixie Belden fans!!!!! Yipeeeeeee!

    secondly my favorite mystery series/heros.

    Stephanie Plumb by Janet Evanvoich because the series makes me houl laughing.
    Thomas Lynley/Barbara Havers by Elizabeth George - her stuff is just deep and rich and I love the characters (although personally I like Simon better than Tommy and might have a crush on Simon)
    Kate Martenelli by Laurie King
    Alex Deleware by Jonathan Kellerman
    Lincoln Rhime by Jeffery Deaver
    Joanna Brady by JA Jance

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    Quilleran in Lillian Jackson Braun's 'Cat Who' series
    Ms. Marple in Agatha Christie's mysteries

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    I really enjoy Robert Tanenbaum's books about Butch Karp and family. A seriously dysfunctional family, but interesting characters. The family um...antics(?) add depth to the main stories, which are great IMO.

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    I'm a fan of Robert Barnard's mysteries. They have some recurring characters but aren't really a series. But they're well-written and entertaining.
    Like a lot of you, I *loved* Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys/Trixie Belden books as a kid.
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    I see so many of my favorites have already been mentioned - characters in books by Jonathan and Faye Kellerman, Lilian Jackson Braun, Janet Evanovitch, Gregory Macdonald...

    I also like some of the old school stuff like Ed McBain's 59th Precinct gang, but that's kind of hard boiled.

    Has anyone read the Alexander Smith McCall series set in south Africa? (Not the country, the geographic location, because I THINK it's set in Kenya but am not sure...). They are wonderful books - the character is a private detective that makes do with practically nothing and solves her cases. Some of the titles are " Morality for Beautiful Girls", "Tears for the Giraffe" , and "The Kalahari Typing School for Men". These are very different and very good.

    I also like Lawrence Block - Bernie Rhodenbarr's "The Burglar" series, and his "Hit Man" books. The hit man doesn't have a name, I don't think.

    And does anyone else like the Dorothy Gilman's "Mrs. Pollifax" series about the little old lady CIA Spy? they are somewhat dated if very funny.

    BTW I read the post about Stuart Wood and the Stone Barrington series. I agree 100% that this guy has no idea about how women really behave. I find it strange that all his books are best sellers. The women I work with all LOVE his books, though, so I thought it was just me :rolleyes

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