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Thread: What is your favorite mystery series/hero?

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    I read so much that I get the characters mixed up and can't remember who wrote them.

    Eve Dallas - J.D. Robb/Nora Roberts
    Steven White's books
    Savage and Sherlock - can't remember who writes that one

    the list could go on and on if my memory was any better of if I was at home with all my books.

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    Hi, Olivia!
    Dr. Alex Delaware from the Jonathan Kellerman novels, Repairman Jack from F. Paul Wilson, and Harry Bosch from Michael Connelly.
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    Another classic mystery writer is Ed McBain. He has serial characters set in a fictional city (I think its New York) who are cops. Its a laugh out loud, who-dun-it series.

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    Used to read Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys and also, all those Enid Blyton's stuff. Those were the good old times...

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    The Jane Whitefield series by Thomas Perry is one of my favorites. I think Disappearing Act is the first one. Great action sequences, especially if you like to read about women kicking the crap out of people
    Everytime I read one of Thomas Perry's books, I feel like dumping the whole stay-at-home mom gig and becoming a hit man.
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    Iíve really enjoyed all of Walter Mosleyís books. His Easy Rawlins stories are superb. The first in the series ďDevil in a Blue DressĒ is probably the best (A movie was made from this book starring Denzel Washington), but all of the books in the series are very good. Heís got a new protagonist named Fearless Jones and he has written two books about him. Iíve enjoyed both these books
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    All V.C. Andrews books. She makes me sick but, I love to read her books.

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    Kay Scarpetta from Patricia Cornwell (used to be, she's awful lately)
    Kinsey Milhone from Sue Grafton
    Arly Hanks from Joan Hess
    Tempe Brennan from Kathy Reichs
    Anita Blake from Laurell K. Hamilton
    Kathy Mallory from Carol O'Connell
    Alex Cooper from Linda Fairstein
    Stephanie Plum from Janet Evanovich
    Eve Dallas from JD Robb
    Adam Dalgliesh (and Cordelia when she shows up) from PD James
    Thomas Lynley/Simon St. James from Elizabeth George
    VI Warshawski from Sara Paretsky
    Britt Montero from Edna Buchanan
    Maggie O'Dell from Alex Kava
    Kate Shugak from Dana Stabenow (before her boyfriend got killed)
    Sara Linton from Karin Slaughter (although I'm losing interest in this one fast)
    Sharon McCone from Marcia Muller (missed the last couple of these)

    Almost all I read are mysteries/thrillers and I almost exclusively read women authors across the board.

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    where its beautiful one day perfect the next
    I am in love with Alex Delaware and Adam Dalgliesh.
    Will have to look for Stephen White as I have not heard of him.

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    Mama Harold
    Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple - Agatha Christie

    Thomas & Charlotte Pitt and William & Hester Monk - Anne Perry

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