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Thread: What are you reading?

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    Quote Originally Posted by geek the girl View Post
    Body Double by Tess Geritsen. Has anyone read anything by her? I got it as a gift from a friend of my sister's - we bonded over our mutual love of gory crime novels, Tess Geritsen's name came up and before I knew it, she gave me a book! She'll now be my maid of honour. Kidding, but it really was a sweet gesture. Harlan Coben is apparently a fan of Tess Geritsen, which sounds very promising indeed.
    I've read several by Gerritson and enjoyed them, geek. She's one of the group of former romance writers (including Tami Hoag) who moved over to write thrillers. Gerritson tends towards medical themed thrillers, which I really enjoy. Unlike Hoag, I think Gerritson's tend to not be thrillers with brief interludes of steamy romance mixed in!
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    I'm dyslexic and to help overcome it I started reading everyday, starting about 20 years ago.
    I read about 6 books a month.

    One Star wars (I have read every one) or random sci-fi
    One Shadowrun (just picked up the entire 40+ book run)
    One Eberron (I have read every one)
    One Forgotten Realms (I have read every one) or other high fantasy
    One of the new Doctor Who (I have read every one)
    One of whatever, usually something for one of the Authors who I read everything they write.

    This month it'll be:
    Wheel of Time - #6 Lords of Chaos
    Shadow run - v2 #4 Drops of Corruption
    Doctor who - The Feast of the Drowned
    Eberron - Thieves of Blood
    Shadowrun #1: Never Deal With a Dragon
    2001: A Space Oddessy - The Annoited version
    Forgotten Realms of Elves - Last Mythal Anthology.

    I'm currently ready Lords of Chaos during lunch time at work and Drops at night at home.

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    Currently reading Ireland: A Novel by Frank Delaney. It is about a boy's (and later man's)search for the itinerant storyteller who visited his boyhood home. It has a lot of Irish stories & myths sprinkled throughout, which I just love.
    Waiting for The Fourth Bear by Jasper Fforde.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    'The Count of Monte Cristo' - Alexandre Dumas (the movie's got NOTHING on the book! Haha)
    "Dancing is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire."

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    Blue Smoke- Nora Roberts. And whatever else I can get my hands on.
    I smile because I don't know what the hell is going on

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    Your Posts!! I'm watching too much reality tv to get through a book.
    Live simply ~ Love generously~ Care deeply~ Speak kindly

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    Just finished Kalki by Gore Vidal. Wow, scary!

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    I just started reading The Nanny Diaries and already I laughed out loud -- four times -- before even finishing the Prologue. I can tell I'll be laughing a lot with this book, much to the dismay of the others on my train.

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    I am in the middle of The Camel Club by David Baldacci. A fascinating story of Washington, spies, and terrorsts. From the cover page--"It exists at the fringes of Washington D.C., has no power and consists solely of four downtrodden and eccentric members who society has forgotten. Their simple goal is to find the 'truth' behind their country's actions.
    After witnessing a shocking murder, the Club is slammed headfirst into a plot that threatens the security of the nation, full of stunning twists, high stakes intrigue, and global gamesmanship rocketing to the Oval Office and beyond."
    A good summer read, I recommend highly. http://www.david-baldacci.com/novels/camelclub/

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    I'm reading The Death of Common Sense. Way old, I know, but bureaucracy and law-mongering still has a stranglehold so the book is still relevant. I can tell, though, that I'm going to be irked from start to finish.
    And so it begins, the end of times..

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