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Thread: What are you reading?

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    Hi, Olivia!
    I've seen the trailers, too, and was intrigued.

    I'm not a huge Le Carré fan, as I tried to read The Secret Pilgrim years and years ago and found it too wordy.

    I like the title, though, as I like the title to most Le Carré novels (sequel: The Obsessive Pool Guy?).
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    Since I'm back to school in a few days, I'm doing the full sprint through as many books as I can get through. I'm about half way through one Mary Higgins Clark thriller and will probably tackle another one. I also have Robert Harris' Pompei, which someone here recommended, standing by.

    The library in my hometown has a fab little used book area. Last week, I got 4 hard covers and 5 paperbacks for $10.50 (yes, you read that right!). I don't know that I'll get to finish even half of those in the next few months, but I just couldn't pass it up!

    Starting next week, I'll be posting about reading John Stuart Mill and Franz Fanon
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    I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "... I drank what?"

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    I'm reading Good Family by Terry Gamble. Which is about rich disfunctional families who vacation on islands in Lake Michigan. I'm about a thrid of the way through and it's keeping my interest and I like how she discribes island life.
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    Opening Skinner's Box- Lauren Slater. About the 10 most famous or controversial human psychological experiments of the 20th century. Pretty weird and enlightening. And it's not like a textbook- psychology 101 in layman's terms. Amazon.com is a cool website that will let you read excerpts of many books so you can decide whether or not you want to buy a book. Or not.
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    Two extremely readable jaunts I finished recently are

    Tim Dorsey's ORANGE CRUSH, a delightfully wacky take no prisoners looksee at a fictional (?) political Florida landscape involving a gubenatorial run (amok) you won't soon forget. Hilarious.


    Jonathan Kellerman's THE CONSPIRACY CLUB, which (sadly) appears to be a stand alone novel about a hospital staff psychologist drawn into a hunt for a serial killer following the death of his girlfriend (and others), particularly when it begins to look as if he's the main person of interest to the detectives.

    I'm used to and appreciate Alex Delaware's LA, but this non-specific midwest locale is a pleasant departure. The gritty desciption of the locale, especially in regards to the weather, is a particular draw to me. I also appreciate the glances into psychologistland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leftcoaster
    Tim Dorsey's ORANGE CRUSH, a delightfully wacky take no prisoners looksee at a fictional (?) political Florida landscape involving a gubenatorial run (amok) you won't soon forget. Hilarious..
    don't stop there.....read them all. I finished the lot and got a guy at work interested in them, so as he finishs one I give him the next in line.

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    I'm on a bit of an AJ Cronin kick at the moment. Started off with "The Keys to the Kingdom" - excellent! Just read "Song of Sixpence" and "Pocket Full of Rye" and now reading "The Citadel".

    Many of his books seem to have a theme of some kind of redemption in the lives of the very flawed but interesting main characters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geek the girl
    Really? You're the first person I've heard who didn't like it. I haven't read it yet, but it's been on my "to read" list for what feels like forever now. I'm sure I'll get around to reading it in a while; just need to work my way through the pile of books with higher priority first

    Without going into any details about the plot, could you tell me what you didn't like about it?
    Actually I just started the book recently and it's okay so far. The person who gave me the book (co-worker) and her family didn't particularly enjoy the book even though it came highly recommended.
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    I just finished You Got Nothing Coming by Jimmy A Lerner. Its a fascinating story of a middle aged accountant sentenced to 12 years in prison and his experiences. Kind of like Oz the tv prison show. Even though its a dark topic, the author makes it interesting and human. Here's a link to a mini review http://www.allreaders.com/Topics/inf...?BSID=23839388

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    I'm in the middle of Magic Street right now- Orson Scott Card's latest. Wow, wow, wow. Worth the wait. I find that the older I get, the more I enjoy the offbeat. The thing I like about Card is, he can sell you on the most improbable characters and plot, and make you believe they're real.

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