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Thread: Discuss Milan Kundera

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    Discuss Milan Kundera

    Any Kundera fans?

    I collect his books. Big fan of the EuroSnob (and I say that affectionately)...

    His most recent is "Ignorance"-- anyone else read it?

    Only book left to read is "Testaments Betrayed"-- as I got into it, he recommended Salman Rushdie, so now I'm off on that tangent.

    Wrote my big senior seminar paper for Political Theory using a lot of his "L'art du Roman"...

    Sometimes I'm not so sure I understand everything he writes about, but I like to pretend I do.

    My favorite is "Immortality"

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    Under Investigation Tirlittan's Avatar
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    I liked "Immortality" also, but it has been so many years I have really read Milan Kundera, that I probably would need to reread it to remember properly. I love his style, maybe I should check out "Ignorance" smetime soon.

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    "Ignorance" was really good, I think you'd enjoy it-- if you liked "Immortality".

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    Not to pick up on an old topic but I really enjoy reading Milan Kundera. I have tread most of them several times. In addition to The Unbearable Lightness of Being and Immortality, I also enjoyed The Joke, Life is Elsewhere, Slowness and The Farewell Party. I find his books so interesting, unusual and easy to read. I never finish one and feel I have wasted my time.

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