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Thread: The Lovely Bones Discussion Questions

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    4.Why does the author include details about Mr. Harvey's childhood and his memories of his mother? By giving him a human side, does Sebold get us closer to understanding his motivation? Sebold explained in an interview about the novel that murderers "are not animals but men," and that is what makes them so frightening. Do you agree?
    I think the details were added to give Mr. Harvey a more human feel. Because he is, in fact, human. Murderers can be anyone, and by showing that Mr. Harvey has a past just like all of us, it shows anyone can have a dangerous and unknown side. I definately think that making murderers seem more human is extremely frightening because it brings you to the realization that anyone is capable of murder and rape, even the person you trust the most.

    7.Does Buckley really see Susie, or does he make up a version of his sister as a way of understanding, and not being too emotionally damaged by, her death? How do you explain tragedy to a child? Do you think Susie's parents do a good job of helping Buckley comprehend the loss of his sister?
    I think Buckley did see Susie. Children have a way of sensing things that adults can't, and one of their gifts are sensing those who we can no longer see. I think his vision of Susie was only prompted by Susie's desire to want to bring some type of peace or 'information' to Buckley, to comfort him and in a way send some type of comfort to her family.

    [quote]1.In Susie's Heaven, she is surrounded by things that bring her peace. What would your Heaven be like? Is it surprising that in Susie's inward, personal version of the hereafter there is no God or larger being that presides?[quote]
    My Heaven would be just like Earth with the stores, the movies, etc.. Only difference is everyone would be happy and would live their life the way they always dreamed too. So in my Heaven, I would live in a big house with all of my family members and we'd visit whomever we wished for good conversation. And we would just be a family So ultimately, my Heaven would be a perfect World.

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    Frosty, the lecture was great! I have a lot of school work but as soon as I can, I'll tell you about it.

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    I have this book (have had it since Christmas...). Anyways, after I finish the book I'm reading now, and then Girl, Interrupted, I'm going to start The Lovely Bones. One of my teachers told me its a book that you'd want to discuss so these questions should be handy later!
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