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Thread: The Modern Library's 100 Best Non-Fiction Books in English Since 1900

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    The Modern Library's 100 Best Non-Fiction Books in English Since 1900

    1 Adams, Henry. The Education of Henry Adams.
    2 James, William. The Varieties of Religious Experience.
    3 Washington, Booker T. Up from Slavery, an Autobiography.
    4 Woolf, Virginia. A Room of Oneís Own.
    5 Carson, Rachel. Silent Spring.
    6 Eliot, T. S. Selected Essays, 1917-1932.
    7 Watson, James. The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA.
    8 Nabokov, Vladimir. Speak, Memory; An Autobiography Revisited.
    9 Mencken, H. L. The American Language: An Inquiry into the Development of English in the United States.
    10 Keynes, John Maynard. The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money.
    11 Thomas, Lewis. The Lives of a Cell.
    12 Turner, Frederick Jackson. The Frontier in American History.
    13 Wright, Richard. Black Boy.
    14 Forster, E. M. Aspects of the Novel.
    15 Foote, Shelby. The Civil War: A Narrative.
    Vol. 1. Fort Sumter to Perryville.
    Vol. 2. Fredericksbury to Meridian.
    Vol. 3. Red River to Appomattox.
    16 Tuchman, Barbara. The Guns of August.
    17 Berlin, Isaiah. The Proper Study of Mankind.
    18 Niebuhr, Reinhold. The Nature and Destiny of Man.
    19 Baldwin, James. Notes of a Native Son.
    20 Stein, Gertrude. The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas.
    21 Strunk, William and E. B. White. Elements of Style.
    22 Myrdal, Gunnar. An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy.
    23 Whitehead, Alfred North and Bertrand Russell. Principia Mathematica.
    24 Gould, Stephen Jay. The Mismeasure of Man.
    25 Abrams, Meyer Howard. The Mirror and the Lamp.
    26 Medawar, Peter B. The Art of the Soluble.
    27 Holldobler, Bert and Edward O. Wilson. The Ants.
    28 Rawls, John. A Theory of Justice.
    29 Gombrich, Ernest H. Art and Illusion.
    30 Thompson, E. P. The Making of the English Working Class.
    31 DuBois, W. E. B. The Souls of Black Folk.
    32 Moore, G. E. Principia Ethica.
    33 Dewey, John. Philosophy and Civilization.
    34 Thompson, DíArcy. On Growth and Form.
    35 Einstein, Albert. Ideas and Opinions.
    36 Schlesinger, Arthur. The Age of Jackson.
    37 Rhodes, Richard. The Making of the Atomic Bomb.
    38 West, Rebecca. Black Lamb and Grey Falcon; A Journey Through Yugoslavia.
    39 Yeats, W. B. Autobiographies.
    40 Needham, Joseph. Science and Civilization in China.
    41 Graves, Robert. Goodbye to All That: An Autobiography.
    42 Orwell, George. Homage to Catalonia.
    43 Twain, Mark. The Autobiography of Mark Twain.
    44 Coles, Robert. Children of Crisis: A Study of Courage and Fear.
    45 Toynbee, Arnold J. A Study of History.
    46 Galbraith, John Kenneth. The Affluent Society.
    47 Acheson, Dean. Present at the Creation: My Years in the State Department.
    48 McCullough, David. The Great Bridge.
    49 Wilson, Edmund. Patriotic Gore; Studies in the Literature of the American Civil War.
    50 Bate, Walter Jackson. Samuel Johnson.
    51 Malcolm X and Alex Haley. The Autobiography of Malcolm X.
    52 Wolfe, Tom. The Right Stuff.
    53 Strachey, Lytton. Eminent Victorians.
    54 Terkel, Studs. Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do.
    55 Styron, William. Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness.
    56 Trilling, Lionel. The Liberal Imagination: Essays on Literature and Society.
    57 Churchill, Winston. The Second World War.
    Vol. 1. The Gathering Storm
    Vol. 2. Their Finest Hour
    Vol. 3. The Grand Alliance
    Vol. 4. The Hinge of Fate
    Vol. 5. Closing the Ring
    Vol. 6. Triumph and Tragedy
    58 Dinesen, Isak. Out of Africa.
    59 Malone, Dumas. Jefferson and His Time.
    Vol. 1. Jefferson the Virginian.
    Vol. 2. Jefferson and the Rights of Man.
    Vol. 3. Jefferson and the Ordeal of Liberty.
    Vol. 4. Jefferson the President, First Term, 1801-1805.
    Vol. 5. Jefferson the President, Second Term, 1805-1809.
    Vol. 6. The Sage of Monticello.
    60 Williams, William Carlos. In the American Grain.
    61 Reisner, Marc. Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water.
    62 Chernow, Ron. The House of Morgan: An American Banking Dynasty and the Rise of Modern Finance.
    63 Liebling, A. J. The Sweet Science.
    64 Popper, Karl. The Open Society and Its Enemies.
    65 Yates, Frances A. The Art of Memory.
    66 Tawney, R. H. Religion and the Rise of Capitalism.
    67 Lippman, Watler. A Preface to Morals.
    68 Spence, Jonathan D. The Gate of Heavenly Peace: The Chinese and Their Revolution, 1895-1980.
    69 Kuhn, Thomas S. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.
    70 Woodward, C. Vann. The Strange Career of Jim Crow.
    71 McNeill, William H. The Rise of the West: A History of the Human Community.
    72 Pagels, Elaine. The Gnostic Gospels.
    73 Ellmann, Richard. James Joyce.
    74 Woodham-Smith, Cecil. Florence Nightingale.
    75 Fussell, Paul. The Great War and Modern Memory.
    76 Mumford, Lewis. The City in History: Its Origins, Its Transformations, and Its Prospects.
    77 McPherson, James. Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era.
    78 King, Martin Luther, Jr. Why We Canít Wait.
    79 Morris, Edmund. The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt.
    80 Panofsky, Erwin. Studies in Iconology.
    81 Keegan, John. The Face of Battle.
    82 Dangerfield, George. The Strange Death of Liberal England.
    83 Gowing, Lawrence. Vermeer.
    84 Sheenan, Neil. A Bright Shining Lie: John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam.
    85 Markham, Beryl. West with the Night.
    86 Wolff, Tobias. This Boyís Life: A Memoir.
    87 Hardy, G. H. A Mathematicianís Apology.
    88 Feynman, Richard P. Six Easy Pieces: Essentials of Physics.
    89 Dillard, Annie. Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.
    90 Frazer, James George. The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion.
    91 Ellison, Ralph. Shadow and Act.
    92 Caro, Robert A. The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York.
    93 Hofstadter, Richard. The American Political Tradition.
    94 Williams, William Appleman. The Contours of American History.
    95 Croly, Herbert. The Promise of American Life.
    96 Capote, Truman. In Cold Blood; A True Account of a Multiple Murder and Its Consequences.
    97 Malcolm, Janet. The Journalist and the Murderer.
    98 Hacking, Ian. The Taming of Chance.
    99 Lamott, Anne. Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Sonís First Year.
    100 Cecil, Lord David. Melbourne.

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    Interesting... I noticed that The Autobiography of Malcolm X was also on the 50 Worst Non-fiction books list.

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    It's on all of the lists, both best and worst... I guess because it's so controversial and it depends on how you take it...

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