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Thread: The Stand/Stephen King

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    Wow thats great news! I laughed at my daughters getting upset at having to wait so long for the next Harry Potter. She should try waiting a few years, like I remember doing to see how they got off that stupid train.

    Molly I'm the same way when I drive down a road with no other cars on it.Especially if it's a road that usually has lots of them.

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    I read The Stand years ago and loved it. When I tried to re-read it after the mini-series came out, I thought "hmph" -- this isn't as good as I remembered it. But, I'm a big Rolling Stones fan, so I really loved the scene in the mini series where Flagg finds Lloyd (or was it Floyd?) in the prison cell and says: "Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name." Lloyd says, "What?" And Flagg responds, "Just a classical reference."

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    Originally posted by enygma
    Molly Ringwald was so not Frannie.It was like a Disney version of the happy hooker or something.
    I like the movie but you are so right. Molly was all wrong for the part.

    I love the book, it is my all time favorite book. Then again, I love Stephen King. He is my favorite author.

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    I loved The Stand, but was so disappointed that I tuned in for that horrible movie.

    I took that book with me to work every day and went outside to read at lunch time, started in when I first got home, and didn't stop until I fell asleep.

    I thought it was just fantastic, and every time I see a black crow I think about it!
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    I loved reading The Stand the second time around. The first time I tried to read it I couldn't get past the first hundred pages or so. I set it aside and tried again a couple of years later and it turned into one of my favorite King books. First impressions are not always the best.
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    Hi, Olivia!
    Hey, hazyshadeof, for once, I have to disagree with you on "Stuff That Phat and Hazy Like/Dislike."

    I love The Stand. It is one of my Top Five King books.

    On the first reading, it's an interesting end-of-the-world parable, but nothing that science fiction hasn't tackled before.

    On the second reading, around the time Stu and Glenn talk about the "interim" government they've established, and how some of the Boulder residents are starting to grumble about them ("Maybe they need to be silenced"), I realized what a brilliant political treatise it was.

    On the one hand, you have a theocratic democracy (Boulder, CO), and on the other, you have a plutocratic military dictatorship (Flagg's Las Vegas government).

    King forces you to ask yourself: Which government is better? Where would you live? (My answer, of course, is neither. If I survived Captain Trips, I'd be somewhere in Northern California, taking up marijuana farming and driving my fleet of Bentleys around. And I don't even smoke marijuana. Hey, kids, it's bad, mmmkay?)

    P.S. I always thought Roland's world was about a thousand years or so after the world of The Stand. Recent Gunslinger developments have proven me wrong, though.

    P.P.S. The guy who blows stuff up in The Stand is/was "Trash Can Man". (Not to be confused with "Tick Tock Man" from The Dark Tower series.)

    And hello to Bravo, enygma and Molly.
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    If you like the stand, you might try Dean Koontz's Swan Song.

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    I thought the original Stand was very good. Not my favorite (that would be Owen Meany) but still very fun.

    The movie was horrific, as are many of the movies made out of King books.
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    Bill, who is Owen Meany and what makes him your favorite? I haven't read anything of his. Although, I am reading The Lovely Bones now, maybe you could recommend something of his for the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eny
    I read the unabridged version with all of the edgy stuff restored.King made it his thing to get book restored after the editors had done their magic on it early in his career- when he had no say.A lot of the stuff that was cut had to do with the crazy guy who blew up stuff who'se name escapes me . ( I'm too lazy to go hunting for it)

    It reminds me of the Gunslinger books, which I also enjoyed...

    I disliked the movie too. The casting was all wrong. Molly Ringwald was so not Frannie.It was like a Disney version of the happy hooker or something.
    There is just too much that goes inside the characters heads to do the book justice.
    Trash Can Man

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