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Thread: John Sandford's "Prey" series

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    Rules of Prey is indeed the first in the series.

    I just loaned it to my aunt, who's now begging for the rest of them.

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    Love the Prey series...I think I am missing the last one and need to grab it...my dad and i trade all of the good mystery series so maybe he has it...of late i have been rereading his earlier prey novels..its been a while since i read that and i actually really enjoy rereading them (i am doing that with scarpetta and bosch books too)....right now I am reading Hanged Man (or something like that) its one of the Kidd novels....not my favorite compared to his prey books, but all in all its a good book....lets just say that it keeps me up at night.

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    I love John Sanford and the Prey series. My husband just grabbed one by the checkout counter at the grocery store a few years back because he knew I was wanting (needing) something to read. I've ended up with some really crappy paperbacks that way but I really got lucky with this pick. I've read 4 - 5 more in the series since but I need to get the whole set so I can start at the beginning and truly enjoy the character development over the course of the series. I tried reading one of the Kidd books but couldn't get into it. It was a good book but I missed Davenport and kept waiting for him to show up. I picture Davenport as a blue-eyed, taller and wee bit thinner Alfred Molina.
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    I don't come to the FORT too much and haven't looked in the Books forum in a long time so this is the first time I've seen this thread. I love the Prey series by John Sanford! He writes other books about con artists (the Kidd series) and I don't care for them but the Prey books are great. The first one, Rules of Prey, is still my favorite. I also really liked Sudden Prey and Mind Prey.

    It would be cool if they ever decided to make movies from his books.

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